A Gastric Sleeve

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Gastric band to sleeve

Gastric sleeve is one of these methods. In a gastric sleeve, the doctor cuts a large piece of the patient’s stomach, and the patient’s stomach shrinks. In this way, the patient starts to eat less than before. Since the stomach is small, the patient feels full with less food. Still, postoperative doctors give patients a diet program.

 The patient must follow the diet list after surgery. Otherwise, it may gain weight again. Gastric sleeve operation makes it easier for the patient to comply with the diet. Therefore, the patient’s will is the most critical factor for weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve Is It Safe?

Since the gastric sleeve is an operation, it has certain risks. These risks were usually as low as 1 in 1000 and 3 in 1000. Experiencing bad situations is generally related to the patient. If the doctors do not see any risk during the patient’s examination before the surgery, it is okay for them to have stomach surgery. 

Therefore, a gastric sleeve does not cause any harm to the patient in the long term. The patient should go to a doctor’s examination at regular intervals after surgery. Patients should prefer non-leakage licensed hospitals for gastric sleeve surgery.

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Sleeve to Bypass

Patients should consult to their doctor about gastric bypass after gastric sleeve.

Gastric Sleeve Operation

Gastric sleeve operation starts with anesthesia because a gastric sleeve is an operation. After the doctor has given an anesthetic, the doctor makes a few small punctures in the patient’s abdomen. These tiny holes are holes that will automatically close after surgery.

A Gastric Sleeve

The doctor enters through the holes and cuts a piece of the stomach. Thus, the patient does not experience any bleeding. The doctor removes the cut stomach piece from the holes, and the procedure is over.

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