Abdominal Sleeve

15 March 2021 by monoobesit

Abdominal Sleeve

Abdominal sleeve surgery is a surgery that has become popular in obesity surgery. In sleeve surgery, doctors cut and reduce the patients’ stomach. Thus, patients start to eat less food since they have a small stomach. Then, patients begin to lose weight. That is why gastric sleeves help patients lose weight.

Vertical Gastric Sleeve

In the gastric sleeve, doctors use a tube to determine the size of the stomach. Before surgery, doctors send this tube to the patient’s abdomen. Then, in the surgery, the doctors cut the patient’s stomach. With a unique tool, doctors cut the patient’s stomach and sew the patient’s stomach simultaneously. That is why the risk of bleeding is very low in this sleeve.

Abdominal Sleeve

A gastric sleeve is a laparoscopic operation. Doctors make one or two small holes in the abdomen of patients. Then, doctors insert several surgical instruments and cameras through these holes. That is why the doctors can meticulously see the inside of the patient. Without making mistakes, doctors perform the sleeve operation.

Gastric Bypass and Sleeve

Gastric bypass and sleeve are different from each other and have similar features. In both surgeries, doctors cut most of the patient’s stomach. However, doctors do not remove the patient’s stomach from the patient’s body in bypass surgery. In sleeve surgery, doctors remove the patient’s stomach from their bodies after cutting it.

Gastric Sleeve and Bypass

The most important difference of gastric bypass is that bypass surgery reduces food absorption. In gastric bypass surgery, doctors shorten the path between the stomach and intestine. Thus, gastric bypass reduces food absorption of patients. There is no such procedure for gastric sleeve surgery.

Gastric Bypass Sleeve

After both operations, patients have to diet. Gastric bypass and sleeve surgeries are supplementary to diet. Sleeve and bypass operations alone do not make patients lose weight. That is why patients make it a habit to consume healthy foods.



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