Clinic Mono evolved from the vision of becoming the pioneer high end boutique clinic in Izmir-Turkey, offering high quality treatments in aesthetic and reconstruction, obesity and metabolic surgeries, dermatology and gynaecologic treatments with latest, most advanced and proven techniques.

Following the principles, aesthetic and functional outcome combined with cutting-edge technology, Clinic Mono has built recognizable high quality impression around the local and international environments.

Recent changes in the global environment has enabled international patients to feel much more confident in discovering health care providers all around the world as barriers are all broken down with flexibility to travel anytime and anywhere. Thanks to ground breaking position of Turkey as a favourable medical destination in varying treatments, Clinic Mono has also announced its presence to international treatment seekers and started serving 7/24 in Swedish and English.

To better engage in the idea of high quality treatment with concierge services, Mono Obesity Surgery has developed treatment packages in which every single detail that one would possibly need for medical traveling purposes is taken into consideration and we formed varying treatment packages for patients with different needs.
For that reason, our dedicated team, has built partnerships with comfy and centrally located hotels and well organized transfer companies. We intended to integrate your high-end clinical experience into highest quality inclusive package, in which everything you need is just one step, click or a call away.
Please get in touch and consult with our team to inquire for our treatment packages with stays in city center and popular holiday resorts in Cesme district, a coastal town, the largest metropolitan center with two neighbouring districts, Karaburun to the north and, Urla to the east. You may enjoy and unwind in the touristic coastal town or be surrounded in the most westernized city of Turkey and Aegean Pearl, “Izmir, Cesme”.