Affordable Gastric Sleeve

6 March 2021 by monoobesit0

Affordable Gastric Sleeve

Obesity surgery is prevalent nowadays. Therefore, people wonder where to do the most affordable gastric sleeve surgery. Patients should contact the hospital for price information. It is the best choice for patients to make this communication by going to the hospital. Doctors can examine patients if they go to the hospital. Patients can get more explicit information about their condition. Of course, some patients may not have a chance to go to the hospital. In this case, patients need to communicate by phone. Patients can easily find the hospital’s phone number on the website.

Most Affordable Gastric Sleeve Surgery


For sleeve gastrectomy, first of all, doctors apply anesthesia to patients. Gastric Sleeve is a closed surgery, so doctors make a few small holes in the patient’s abdomen. They provide access to all organs through this hole. Doctors operate on the patient by inserting cameras and surgical instruments through these holes. Of course, all the tools doctors use are micro and special. Doctors cut a portion of the patient’s stomach and pull it out through these holes. Then, the holes in the abdomen are closed. The patient does not have to worry about these holes because they will not suffer great pain since these holes are so small.

What Happens After a Gastric Sleeve Operation?


After surgery, doctors take care of the patient for 3-4 days. The patient should not eat for the first two days and only consume fluids on the 3rd day. Then, the patient can return to his usual diet gradually by eating light foods. Since the patient will stay in the hospital for the first days, doctors take special care of their nutritional status. At the end of 4 days, when the doctors do not see any problem in the patient’s stomach, they can go home.


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