Am I A Suitable Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

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A certain degree of excess weight (obesity) is treated surgically according to modern medical standards; obesity surgery is also called stomach reduction surgery, but for some cases, a single intervention in the stomach is not enough. Stomach reduction is the aim, but the surgery type is decided by the suitable treatment way that the bariatric surgeon finds necessary.

Gastric sleeve surgery is recommended for patients who are obese and have not achieved important weight loss with diets or exercises. Your obesity surgeon is likely to recommend this surgery if your body mass index is over 45, or if you suffer from any obesity-related diseases like Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure or high cholesterol with a BMI over 35.

Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity surgeries should not be opted by the people who suffer from hormonal diseases. To lose weight, these patients need to try methods like constant nutrition plans and regular exercises. It cannot be done to people with a body mass index of 35 and below. The surgery should not be performed on patients who suffer from obesity due to hormonal disorders. It should not be preferred by people with a psychological disorder and not recommended to have the procedure by a psychiatric doctor.

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After necessary routine tests are done, they are examined by the obesity unit of the hospital or clinic. This unit consists of general surgical dietitian, internal medicine doctor and psychiatry and neurology specialists; they state their opinion on whether the operation should be performed or not.

The obesity surgery has some criteria determined for overweight patients; stomach reduction surgeries are not suitable for everyone. The body mass index 35 or the ones above also cause obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, arthritis and digestive problems are suitable for those with other disorders like heart diseases.

Weight loss methods are suitable for people who were not successful on losing weight in a healthy way despite being consistent for an adequate time. When a person is overweight, the first method that should be tried is dieting under the supervision of a professional and bariatric surgery should not be the first option. It is hard for patients who would like to have gastric sleeve surgery to make this decision; these patients deal with both the society’s pressure on them to eat less and lose weight, and the feeling of failure on the inability of losing weight despite all the dieting and exercising. It is very hard for patients to decide on any medical procedure.

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Bariatric surgeries are suitable for obesity patients with a body mass index of more than 40, and again with a body mass index of more than 35 and have obesity-related medical problems like blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain and who could not lose weight with diet before.

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A detailed examination is done before the procedure. Patients are examined by specialists of internal diseases, endocrine, anesthesia, cardiology, pulmonology and psychiatry. Procedure is often performed on patients who are between the ages 18-70. For patients under 18, the surgery should be determined by examining the degree of obesity and other related diseases. In addition, for people under 18, both the doctor’s approval and the parent’s approval are necessary. For those over 70, the general health condition of the patient and the need for the operation are examined by the doctor. Since the treatment of weight-related diseases will also occur in gastric sleeve, the surgery should be performed under the supervision of specialist doctors in a fully-equipped hospital.

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