Average Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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Average Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve is a very successful and revolutionary obesity treatment technique which provides magnificent outcomes to patient who suffer from obesity problem which they were not able to solve with other techniques like dietary plans or regular exercises. Obesity is a big factor affecting the life quality of the patients; gladly advanced medical techniques like gastric sleeve are able to achieve very satisfactory results today.

While searching for this life changing obesity treatment, one of the most important points for the patients is the average cost of gastric sleeve surgery. Here is some of the essential information about the average cost of gastric sleeve surgery and the factors which are effective on it.

What is the average cost of gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a very popular operation thanks to the successful results it provides for obesity patients; this high rate of success has led the practices to spread around the world and increase in number. Average cost of gastric sleeve surgery can vary in different countries in accordance to the currency rates, average labor cost in the country, average daily life cost and the average medical expenses. These differences on the general economic condition of the countries may result in different average cost of gastric sleeve surgery and may motivate patients to look for the best option with the most affordable cost and the most quality treatment.

What is the average cost of gastric sleeve in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best countries where international patients can receive quality medical services with the cheapest treatment costs; the average cost of gastric sleeve surgery is between £3000 and £4000 while it is between £7,000 and £11,000 in UK.

Turkey does not only offer the treatment in this cheap average cost of gastric sleeve surgery but also includes many necessary medical services and facilities to be able to arrange a very comfortable and convenient journey for the international patients.

For further information on the best average cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey with the most quality medical procedure and services, do not hesitate to contact Mono Obesity Surgery clinic anytime; our medical consultants are looking forward to meet you and initiate your treatment experience with an online consultation.

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After gastric sleeve surgery, most patients become perfectly weak. In general, the weight loss rate is about 70% of excess weight. Most of the weakening happens in the first year. In the next year, there will be some more weight loss. After two years, the weight usually remains constant. For example, for a patient who is 160 cm tall and weighs 124 kg, the ideal upper limit of weight is 64 kg, and the excess weight is 60 kilos. This means that the patient loses 70% of their excess weight, which means that they lose 42 pounds and fall to 82 pounds.

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Gastric Sleeve cost in Turkey changes depens of whats is including ? Hotel transfer, or maybe holiday befor surgery,Gastric Sleeve cost in Turkey. After surgery, it’s important to get adequate nourishment while keeping your weight-loss goals on track. Your doctor is likely to recommend that you: Eat and drink slowly.

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The entire procedure is performed by laparoscopic (closed) surgery method. Laparoscopic surgery is performed by making many small incisions. The ports placed through these incisions are used for hand tools to reach the abdomen. One of them is a surgical telescope connected to a video camera and the others are for the introduction of specialized surgical instruments. The surgeon watches the operation on a video monitor. With experience, an experienced laparoscopic surgeon can perform many procedures laparoscopically, just as in open surgery.

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In gastric sleeve surgery, the common risks involved in each surgical procedure are also effective. The professional team should always be with you before, during and after the operation. Possible complications specific to this operation are respiratory problems that may occur due to the mobilization of clots formed in the veins of the leg depending on the patient’s weight, especially leaks at the sutures and related abscesses and are seen in 1%.

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Gastric sleeve surgery is typically an appropriate treatment method for people whose body mass index is too high or for whom a longer procedure such as gastric bypass is at risk due to various conditions such as heart or lung problems. In some cases, both operations are performed gradually.

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Laparoscopic surgery is the most commonly used surgery today and is performed through a laparoscope, which means that the surgery will be performed on a small incision in the upper abdomen. The procedure involves removing about 80 percent of the stomach so that the rest remains in the form of a tube, no changes are made to the intestines.

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With Gastric Sleeve in Turkey the size of the stomach is reduced and the amount of food that a person can eat is limited. In addition, the part of the stomach that is taken contains the region where the hunger hormone is produced. Entering this area triggers hormonal changes, which help to reduce weight and keep people full for a long time by reducing food intake. Hormonal changes also help reduce health problems related to obesity, such as high blood pressure or heart disease.

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According to another definition, through laparoscopic surgery, the tubular part of the stomach that ensures the continuity of the esophagus and intestines will be preserved, and most of the stomach body will be removed. In the operation, the part of the stomach that stretches and expands the most and manages the appetite is removed. The main purpose of this surgery is to reduce food intake by reducing the volume of the stomach.

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