Balloon in tummy for weight loss

15 March 2021 by monoobesit

Balloon in tummy for weight loss

A gastric balloon method aims to increase satiety and lose weight by leaving the balloon endoscopic to the gastric cavity and creating a mass effect with sedation. The patient can lose 15-20% of his initial weight with this method.

Weight loss balloon

The balloon’s main mechanism of action is to create satiety feeling with its partial space-occupying effect in the stomach and restrict food intake. Correct patient selection, appropriate dietetic, and behavioral treatments are key points in the balloon’s success. However, there is no guarantee that any patient will lose weight. Those who wear a gastric balloon should know that success can only be achieved through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Balloon in the tummy for weight loss

After the gastric balloon is attached, it is removed within six months to 1 year. During this period, if the person follows the doctor’s recommendations and pays attention to the eating habits and lifestyle, the desired weight can be reached.

Non surgical weight loss balloon

When it is removed, if the patient does not follow the diet and exercise program, it quickly regains the weight lost. Therefore, the gastric balloon makes preliminary preparation for surgery, especially in very overweight people.

Intragastric balloon weight loss

Generally, it does not involve any risk. At the same time, it gives extremely positive results in patients who have lost weight that they could not lose before and who develop a diet and nutritional habits.

Bariatric balloon procedure

It is best for overweight patients who want to wear a gastric balloon to decide on this issue. Also, you should trust the physician who will have this application and choose the right doctor after putting the balloon on. You will start to lose weight seriously. If you put the doctor’s recommendations into practice, and you will observe a positive change physically.



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