Balloon Stomach Procedure

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Non surgical stomach balloon

An overweight person’s joints are at more risk than healthy persons. Not only joints but also all the internal organs of an obese person are in great danger. While there are many procedures to lose weight, not all are suitable or reachable by everyone. Some people may face problems while following a diet due to their old bad habits. Balloon stomach operation aims to help people who want to lose weight.

Bariatric Balloon Procedure

This operation aims to place a balloon inside of the patient’s stomach. This way, the patient will feel full after eating only enough amount of food. This procedure doesn’t require surgery and can be done while the patient is awake.

Balloon stomach procedure

The process simply goes by the doctor giving their patient a capsule that contains a deflated balloon. After the client swallows the capsule and the capsule reaching the client’s stomach, the doctor fills the balloon with water through the catheter and tugs on the tube. The liquid-filled balloon inside of the patient’s stomach takes a large part of the stomach. This way, the client loses their wish to consume food.

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stomach reduction uk

Balloon bariatric weight loss

Usually, after four months, clients can remove the balloon from their stomach by visiting their doctor. The removal is also a simple process that requires the balloon to empty the liquid it has inside. Both the balloon and the water inside of it get disposed of by the patient’s body. The patients should see their doctors if they face any side effects, even if they don’t think it is crucial.

Intragastric balloon price

There are numerous factors affecting the price of gastric balloon procedure; it is best for the patients to have a treatment plan first and then search about the prices.

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