Best Weight Loss Surgery Doctors in Turkey

4 March 2021 by monoobesit0

Best Weight Loss Surgery Doctors in Turkey

In all obesity surgeries, you must first inform our anesthesiologist about your smoking and alcohol habits. Quitting smoking five days before the operation day and consuming alcohol ten days before the operation will provide you with a more comfortable process during the operation. Take a bath or warm shower before surgery. This reduces the chance of infection. Inform your doctor about other diseases (diabetes, blood pressure, etc.) and all medications you use during the surgery preparation period. Remember that some medications may need to be stopped for a certain period before surgery. Report any allergic conditions, if any. You have to fast for about 8 hours before the operation. If you smoke, you should quit at least a week before. This will be your first step towards a healthy life.

Which weight loss surgery should I choose ?

After all this, it remains to decide which surgery to do. Weight loss surgeries have two important types: Gastric bypass surgery and Sleeve gastrectomy. The most preferred is sleeve gastrectomy, because, with this surgery, the stomach volume is significantly reduced, and the appetite decreases with it. Patients go through an extremely natural and healthy weight loss process. In gastric bypass surgery, a connection is made between the stomach and small intestine. After this surgery, food goes out without touching the intestine with 12 fingers. Therefore, it prevents foods from forming fat in the body.

Where can I get weight loss surgery ?


Due to improved health technologies, select countries began to take place in Turkey in the recent period. At the same time, tourism destination as well as being the most preferred country for this type of medical operations in Turkey. If you want a slimming surgery operation, you can perform your surgery with the best weight loss surgery doctors in Turkey. Also, a quite fair number of people who prefer to have their operation in Turkey increase as time goes by because of having cheap accommodation and operations fees.




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