Birmingham Bournville Gastric Sleeve

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Birmingham Bournville Gastric Sleeve

The Mono Obesity Surgery clinic gives the safest treatment options for Birmingham Bournville Gastric Sleeve and focuses on quality and wellbeing of obesity patients for many years. Please feel free to get information about new gastric sleeve costs in 2021 in a free online consultation.

Qualified and professional obesity surgeons give patients with Birmingham Bournville Gastric Sleeve an important chance for a big weight reduction.

How does surgery affect the life of a patient?

Overweight persons have difficult lives in several aspects. Better life quality, improved health and a much better psychological situation can be gained in a short period of time after a significant decrease of weight with the application of the gastric sleeve.

Birmingham Bournville Gastric Sleeve is very effective and simple, and patients feel comfortable about getting up and walking that same day. The operation is not painful, and patients do not experience discomfort.

Patients’ lives are changed especially if they also have any other issues related to obesity condition, such as diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure; they disappear at a rapid pace thanks to gastric sleeve surgery.

Birmingham Bournville Gastric Sleeve plays an essential role in the behavior of diets. The smaller size of the stomach eliminates the calories of patients and makes it a lot easier to drop weight.

Birmingham Bournville Gastric Sleeve

Having been a protected area since the 1970s, Bournville has maintained its classic architecture dating back to the Victorian period.

Bournville is still home to both the Cadbury factory and Cadbury World.

Birmingham Bournville Gastric Sleeve reviews from patients

“It has been 2,5 years since my gastric sleeve operation with Mono Obesity Surgery; I am so thankful for my new life-style, new appearance and healthier body. I lost 52 kg after the surgery in total. Mono obesity offer the best medical experience and never leaves you alone until the results are achieved. I recommend them to all obesity patients, they also offer other obesity treatments.”

“I have lost 67 kg thanks to the gastric sleeve obesity operation I had with Mono obesity clinic in 2 years; everybody says how I become a different person both in term of appearance and mental state; I am a much cheerful person right now and thank you for this amazing change.”

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