Bristol Clifton Gastric Sleeve

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Bristol Clifton Gastric Sleeve

For Bristol Clifton Gastric Sleeve patients, Mono Obesity Surgery offers the most effective surgical gastric sleeve procedures over many years. For more info on the new gastric sleeve cost in 2021, please feel free to contact us in a free online consultation.

In Bristol Clifton Gastric Sleeve extremely qualified and professional bariatric surgeons have an excellent ability to provide weight loss easily by using the most effective and healthy treatment for obesity.

What are the advantages of gastric sleeve surgery?

Obesity patients face challenges in many ways. Higher quality of life, increased physical health and psychological health can be achieved within a relatively short amount of time after weight loss owing to gastric sleeve surgery.

Bristol Clifton Gastric Sleeve operations are highly efficient and safe, and patients feel comfortable at getting up and walking same day. There is no pain or discomfort during healing process.

Bristol Clifton Gastric Sleeve plays a key role in changing the eating patterns of patients. Reducing the size of the stomach limits the nutrient intake of patients and consequently reduces the weight.

Bristol Clifton Gastric Sleeve

Clifton is one of the most prestigious suburbs and beautiful parts of Bristol. Starting with the Clifton Triangle and approaching the area known as the Clifton Village, this breathtaking Georgian area is quite full of tourists.

Patient reviews of Bristol Clifton Gastric Sleeve

“I has been 2 years since I was in mono for my gastric sleeve operation; today I am looking at the old pictures and cannot believe that’s me. My life has changed completely; I look better and feel better. I am very thankful to mono team who did not leave alone through this process.”

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“Deciding to have a gastric sleeve was not easy; but I must say life after losing 64 kg with gastric sleeve is so easy! My health condition has improved significantly. I recommend mono obesity surgery to everyone looking for a quality weight loss clinic.”

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