Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve

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Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery provides the most successful surgical stomach sleeve operations for the years, for patients of Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve. For more information on the cost of the new gastric sleeve for 2021, feel free to contact us via free online consultation.

In Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve, highly trained and professional bariatric surgeons have an amazing ability to quickly provide weight loss to the overweight patients by offering the safest and healthy procedure for obesity.

What are the benefits of stomach sleeve operation?

Patients with obesity face many problems in their lives. Increased physical wellbeing and psychological health will, thanks to the stomach sleeve surgery, be accomplished within a very brief period of time.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey
Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve operations are very effective and smooth; patient can continue with their light daily routines at the same day. During the recovery process there is no discomfort and pain.

Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve plays an important part in improving patients’ dietary habits. Lowering the stomach size restricts patients’ food consumption and therefore decreases weight.

Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve

At the top of Southville’s streets you will find some of the best views of Bristol’s popular colorful houses. Do not forget to look up and down every side of the streets you’re going down, since you never know if you’re going to see a great street art.

Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve reviews from patients

“Obesity is a serious condition affecting every aspect of life; before I had my gastric sleeve, I was suffering from hearth diseases and high blood pressure. But I lost 58 kg with gastric sleeve and today I feel good and healthy. It all thanks to mono obesity clinic.”

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in turkey
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“I have talked to many obesity clinics before I booked my operation with mono but mono offered me the best information about weight loss procedures and the prices was much cheaper. I am very glad I had my operation with them, I lost 61 kg with gastric sleeve and I am so happy with my results.”

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