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The reduced number of related diseases following the treatment of obesity patients is also an important benefit of the gastric sleeve; it treats obesity and associated health conditions.

The technique is focused at rising patients’ unique eating patterns. Less stomach size gives you fewer calories and a significant loss of weight takes a quite short time.

It is now known all over the world that Obesity Surgery is the most effective method for permanent weight loss and this is supported by many scientific articles. One of the most frequently asked questions in patients considering these surgeries; “How will I decide which method is right for me?”.

Patients who have undergone obesity surgery achieve a high rate of expected weight loss. However, it may be that they regain some weight over time. This situation occurs when they do not make the necessary lifestyle and diet changes within the first year after weight loss surgery. Unfortunately, if patients do not start working on lifestyle changes right away, this can negatively affect weight loss and weight maintenance.

“Why is weight loss surgery cheaper in Turkey?” is a question that we come across on a regular basis. We have published on this topic so many times and our response is always the same. Medical equipment and standards simply aren’t as highly regulated in Turkey as they are in the UK and EU countries. 

Life after gastric sleeve

Life after gastric sleeve is much better for obesity patients: the huge reduction of weight plays a big role and boosts the quality of life.

Surgeons and Staff

Turkey isn’t exactly a poor country (20th richest by GDP in the world) but they must be paying their staff (surgeon, anaesthetists, nurses, porters, ward staff) less to complete surgical procedures at this price. Why? There are several factors here: the country’s currency crisis has meant that the value of Turkish Lira has declined drastically. Surgeons aren’t paid as much partly because they aren’t held to the same standards as here in the UK.

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