gastric balloon weight loss

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gastric balloon weight loss

The gastric balloon weight loss process, which we have frequently heard, is easy to apply and less challenging than other bariatric surgery operations.  In this way, patients prefer it highly. If you have weight loss in mind and want to use a gastric balloon, you can get the necessary information by consulting your doctor.

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Stomach balloons are of two types. The prices of these substances, which are classified as liquid gastric balloons and gastric air balloons, are small quantities of marbles, depending on this standard. Apart from this, of course, the clinic, the physician, and the origin, as we mentioned, will affect the prices.

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Clinically, a gastric balloon is considered a direct effect since it causes a decrease in the stomach’s inner volume. Although it varies depending on the person’s current weight, it is possible to reach an average of 15-20 weight loss.

gastric balloon weight loss

As we have stated, we cannot determine exactly how much weight you will lose because the weight that a 200 kilo super obese will lose with this treatment will be different from the weight that a morbidly obese person in the range of 100-130 kilograms will lose. The criterion here is; clinical trials, the concrete situation that has taken place so far, and the comments made by those who have had gastric balloon surgery.

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If you want to get more detailed information about gastric balloon weight loss, it is best to consult your physician first. Because it is possible for those who wear a gastric balloon to weaken; if a conscious process is not provided, it may be possible to encounter situations whose consequences may be undesired.

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Never act with the advice or application service of any person or institution other than professional physicians. Although it is useful to listen to the people who have received service, the primary source of information; is physicians.



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