Gastric Botox

Gastric botox is a non-surgical endoscopic weight loss treatment which benefits from botulinum botox to achieve a prolonged feeling of fullness and to support the weight loss. Gastric botox is performed with an injection to safely increase satiety and thus decrease amount of food consumption and weight gain.

Obesity is a significant problem for huge proportion of people decreasing the life quality, limiting the physical abilities and causing various medical conditions. Gastric botox is an advanced and smooth technique which gives magnificent results. Gastric Botox in Turkey is one of the most common types malabsorptive procedures.

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The stomach should be insensitive before the procedure and therefore patients are treated for stomach problems first. Subsequently the treatment can be performed. When used with stomach Botox, stomach nerves and muscles are neutralized for 4 to 6 months, reducing appetite and keeping nutrients in the stomach for longer. The treatment is pain-free and carried out in about 8 to 10 minutes with high comfort.

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Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Gastric Botox?

  • Patients who suffer from excess weight,
  • Who cannot lose weight with diets or exercises,
  • Who need a supportive treatment to make the weight loss process easier,
  • Who are not comfortable with surgical treatments,
  • Who do not have any interfering medical condition are suitable candidates for gastric botox procedure.

How Does the Gastric Botox Procedure Go?

Gastric Botox Consultation

Gastric botox procedure starts with a detailed consultation; in this process understanding and evaluating the patients’ needs and expectations are very important. Current medical condition, prior diseases and operations and the BMI value are examined closely for the safest and the most successful procedures.

Gastric Botox Operation

The operation is performed under local anesthesia and thus patients do not feel any pain and discomfort.

During the procedure, botulinum botox is injected in the specific parts of stomach wall with endoscopic techniques to reduce the muscles activity and get a prolonged satiety. The procedure takes around 15-20 minutes; it does not require any hospital stay and patients can get back to their daily routines in a very short time after the procedure.

Recovery After Gastric Botox

The procedure does not require any cutting, incisions or stitches and therefore the recovery process of gastric botox is very comfortable and easy; patients can get back to their daily routine in a short time. It is recommended to avoid smoking and alcohol for the first week after the operation.

The most important point about the gastric botox recovery is the nutrition plan that patients need to follow after the operation; gastric botox needs to be supported with suitable nutrition plan and exercises to achieve the best results. The effect of botox is temporary and gradually decreases and disappears within 6 months; it may be repeated after 6 months if the patient would need further support for weight loss to achieve the targeted weight. Patients should remember that their effort is very important with this treatment.

Gastric Botox Costs

Gastric botox treatments are very popular in Turkey for international patients offering quality and effective operations performed by highly qualified and experienced surgeons, with exclusive facilities and services and very affordable costs. The gastric botox price may vary depending on the included services and the individualized treatment plan; however, in every condition, Turkey offers much more affordable treatment prices than many countries in Europe, UK and USA. To find out gastric botox costs in Mono Obesity Surgery, please contact us.

Key Facts

  • Procedure: Botox injection to stomach to achieve prolonged feeling of satiety
  • Duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Hospital Stay: No hospital stay
  • Recovery Time: Right after the procedure
  • Anesthesia: Local anesthesia

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can gastric botox treat all levels of obesity?

No, patients who are over 40 BMI value are not suitable candidates for gastric botox; the ideal group of patients for gastric botox is usually those between 27-35 BMI value.

  1. How much weight I can lose with gastric botox?

Average weight loss with gastric botox is around 10-20 kg.; however, with powerful and steady nutrition and exercise plans, patients can lose weight up to 30 kg.

  1. Is gastric botox effect permanent?

Gastric botox effect lasts until 6 months. Though with a suitable diet and exercising plan this duration is enough to achieve good results, the treatment can be repeated if further effect is desired.

  1. Is gastric botox alone enough to lose weight?

Gastric botox should be supported with a proper nutrition plan and exercises to give desired results; the operation should be preferred by those who are ready make self-effort.

  1. When does the weight loss starts?

The feeling of prolonged satiety starts in a few days after the operation; weight loss starts in around 4 weeks.

For further information on gastric botox and a detailed online consultation, please contact Mono Obesity Surgery; dedicated medical consultants are looking forward to help you with your inquiries.

Detailed information and a professional online consultation on gastric botox Turkey treatments, recovery and gastric botox Turkey costs in Mono Obesity Surgery.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Stomach botox is a procedure which is performed under sedation, by injecting Botilinum toxin (botox) to the stomach by endoscopy.

It aims to temporarily passivate the nerves and muscles that affect the appetite and hunger of the stomach. The duration of the feeling of satiety increases thanks to stomach muscles which have been inaffective.

People, whose Body Mass Index less than 40 and who want to lose weight without surgery can have a Stomach Botox.

Botox substance has no known dangerous side effects. Stomach botox is not applied to people with muscle diseases and who may have allergic reactions to botox. People who have diseases such as gastritis and ulcer can have stomach botox procedure after treatment of these diseases.

The main advantages of stomach botox are that it is a non-surgical procedure, it is performed in a very short time, and patient can return to daily life immediately.

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