Gastric Botox in Turkey

Gastric botox is a non-surgical endoscopic weight loss treatment which benefits from botulinum botox to achieve a prolonged feeling of fullness and to support the weight loss. Gastric botox in Turkey is performed with an injection to safely increase satiety and thus decrease amount of food consumption and weight gain.

Obesity is a significant problem for huge proportion of people decreasing the life quality, limiting the physical abilities and causing various medical conditions. Gastric botox is an advanced and smooth technique which gives magnificent results.

Brief description of stomach botox

Gastric botox is a new weight loss method through administration of the botulinum toxin obtained from Clostridium Botulinum bacteria (botox) . The aim of the gastric botox is to provide delayed discharge of the stomach by injecting botox on required points of the stomach. The individual feels full for a longer period and appetite is controlled.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Gastric Botox?

  • Patients who suffer from excess weight,
  • Who cannot lose weight with diets or exercises,
  • Who need a supportive treatment to make the weight loss process easier,
  • Who are not comfortable with surgical treatments,
  • Who do not have any interfering medical condition are suitable candidates for gastric botox procedure.

Gastric Botox in 3 Steps

Gastric Botox Consultation

Gastric botox procedure starts with a detailed consultation; in this process understanding and evaluating the patients’ needs and expectations are very important. Current medical condition, prior diseases and operations and the BMI value are examined closely for the safest and the most successful procedures.

Gastric Botox Operation

The operation is performed under local anesthesia and thus patients do not feel any pain and discomfort.

During the procedure, botulinum botox is injected in the specific parts of stomach wall with endoscopic techniques to reduce the muscles activity and get a prolonged satiety. The procedure takes around 15-20 minutes; it does not require any hospital stay and patients can get back to their daily routines in a very short time after the procedure.

Gastric Botox Recovery

The procedure does not require any cutting, incisions or stitches and therefore the recovery process of gastric botox is very comfortable and easy; patients can get back to their daily routine in a short time. It is recommended to avoid smoking and alcohol for the first week after the operation.

Post-operative Period of Gastric Botox

The most important point about the post-operative period of gastric botox is the nutrition plan that patients need to follow after the operation; gastric botox needs to be supported with suitable nutrition plan and exercises to achieve the best results. The effect of botox is temporary and gradually decreases and disappears within 6 months; it may be repeated after 6 months if the patient would need further support for weight loss to achieve the targeted weight. Patients should remember that their effort is very important with this treatment.

Gastric Botox Recommendations

Patients with BMI value that is over 40 are not suitable candidates for gastric botox; the ideal BMI value for gastric botox is between 27-35.

Gastric Botox’s benefits last until 6 months. The feeling of prolonged satiety is reached in a few days after the procedure; weight loss starts in around 4 weeks. Average weight loss patients achieve with gastric botox treatment is around 10-20 kg.; however, with appropriate and steady nutrition and exercise schedule, patients can lose up to 30 kg. Although with a suitable diet and exercising plan gastric botox gets magnificent results, the procedure can be repeated if further effect is desired.

The procedure should be preferred by people who are willing to make self-effort; gastric botox is a very effective treatment that requires patient’s effort for the best weight loss results.

Gastric Botox Costs

Gastric botox treatments are very popular in Turkey for international patients offering quality and effective operations performed by highly qualified and experienced surgeons, with exclusive facilities and services and very affordable costs. The gastric botox price may vary depending on the included services and the individualized treatment plan; however, in every condition, Turkey offers much more affordable treatment prices than many countries in Europe, UK and USA. To find out gastric botox costs in Mono Obesity Surgery, please contact us.

Gastric Botox Prices

Mono Obesity Surgery is very happy to offer patients with very affordable gastric botox prices for very successful and effective procedures; experienced and dedicated Mono team arranges all the details for your gastric botox experience to provide you with a very convenient and smooth journey. Turkey is in a leading position for gastric botox treatments as well as other weight loss procedures; patients who chose to have their gastric botox treatment in Mono Obesity Surgery experience a holiday-like journey while also having an extremely successful and comfortable medical procedure.

Key Facts

  • Procedure: Botox injection to stomach to achieve prolonged feeling of satiety
  • Duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Hospital Stay: No hospital stay
  • Recovery Time: Right after the procedure
  • Anesthesia: Local anesthesia

Gastric Botox Turkey

For people who are interested in non-surgical gastric botox procedures for effective weight loss, one of the most popular and commonly visited countries is Turkey. Gastric botox procedure is getting increasingly popular around the world due to the easy and non-surgical medical process it offers and the very effective weight loss results that helps patients to both achieve a healthier weight for themselves and get healthier eating habits.

The main reasons why Turkey is very popular for this advantageous treatment is the very affordable price rates and the highest expertise and success level of the medical practice in weight loss. Mono Obesity Surgery patients describe their gastric botox Turkey experience as a “holiday” during which they could both have their gastric botox procedure and enjoy the beautiful city of Izmir.

Step by step Gastric Botox

1. Get an online consultation

Start your gastric botox journey with an online consultation! If you are interested in non-surgical gastric botox procedures with the most advantageous and smooth treatment option around the world and the lowest prices, please get an online consultation from the Mono medical consultants; Mono Obesity Surgery provides online consultations for those who would like to get further information about gastric botox Turkey; in these online sessions, a complete treatment plan is created for the specific medical state of the patients and patients can ask anything about the gastric botox procedure, costs, dos and don’ts before and after gastric botox.

2. Gastric Botox procedure at Mono Obesity Surgery

Mono Obesity Surgery team plans every part of your gastric botox journey meticulously; from the start until the end, you will be provided with high quality services, facilities and constant assistance.

Gastric botox is a very short non-surgical operation that only takes around 15-30 min.; the whole process is a very painless and smooth for patients. Your bariatric surgeon will answer all your questions about the details before and following the procedure. After gastric botox, patients do not need to stay in the hospital; they are discharged the same day of the procedure and they can comfortably go on with their daily routine. Patients feel very good and do not suffer from any major side effects following gastric botox with Mono; in fact, many of them enjoy walking around the city and go shopping during the rest of their time in Turkey.

3. After Gastric Botox Procedure

Patients stay in the hospital for 3 nights for all the check-ups and leakage tests to be done properly; before you get back to your home country, you will be prescribed with proper medication and the nutrition plan. These are important aspects of the after-care of gastric sleeve surgery as they are quite effective on the mild side effects and the adaptation process following the surgery.

4. Weight loss process of gastric sleeve

Weight loss after gastric sleeve is a period that needs attention and care of the patients. It is very important to follow the post-operative instructions of the bariatric surgeon and to be ready to adopt a healthy life style; patients are highly advised to support their weight loss with appropriate nutrition plans and exercises to achieve their final results in the most effective and quickest way. Throughout the weight loss period following the gastric sleeve surgery, your medical consultant at Mono Obesity Surgery will be only a call away to answer all your questions and follow your weight loss progress.


Botox has been widely used in medicine for a long time and there is not any recognized damage when applied by a specialist at accurate doses.

Decrease in appetite and appetite control are provided within 3 days after the procedure.

The procedure is performed by a specialist physician in a hospital.

No. Body values are measured before the procedure and each procedure is performed specifically to the patient.

10 to 15 kg may be lost within a short period.

There is not any known side effect.

There is not sufficient scientific study on use of gastric botox in pregnant women.

Yes, you may loose weight; however, the most important here is to loose weight efficiently by using the sense of fullness provided by the procedure.

Botox procedure is performed under sedation. Therefore, no pain appears.

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