Gastric Bypass Eller Gastric Sleeve

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Gastric Bypass Eller Gastric Sleeve

Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve techniques are applied if a patient’s BMI is over 40 or above 35. During gastric bypass surgery, the surgeon divides the stomach into two parts. This procedure helps to lose weight by connecting the small intestine and the stomach. During the gastric sleeve procedure, three-quarters of the stomach is removed and takes a tube or sleeve shape.

Gastric Bypass Eller Gastric Sleeve

Both of them are popular surgeries and have advantages. Gastric surgery shows quick results, and patients lose about 70 – 80% of excess body weight after the operation. A gastric sleeve in turkey is not as effective as a gastric bypass and reduces 50 – 60% of the excess body weight.

Gastric Bypass of Sleeve

Gastric bypass of the sleeve is for obese people whose exercise and diet do not help lose weight. After the surgery, you may see some side effects, such as dumping syndrome, malabsorption, etc.

Sleeve of Bypass

After any gastric surgery, a patient has to carefully monitor what he or she eats. Patients have to cut on high-calorie and high-fat sweets and food. The proper nutrition plan for patients should be prepared by a professional nutritionist. The patient should chew the food well before swallowing. These kinds of rules apply to all weight-loss surgeries.

Gastric Sleeve of Bypass

From gastric bypass surgery to gastric sleeve, each type of surgery has its risks and benefits. When considering gastric sleeve surgery, you will need help to make the right decision for you.

Sleeve to Gastric Bypass

Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass are very similar procedures. After the surgery, the patient has to stay at the hospital for 2 to 3 days in both cases.

London Kensington Gastric Sleeve
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The methods differ, but both help you lose weight by reducing the amount of food you can eat.


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