Gastric Bypass Istanbul

3 March 2021 by monoobesit1

Gastric Bypass Istanbul

Gastric bypass is a highly powerful and requested obesity procedure which has been considered very beneficial by many obesity patients around the world. The gastric bypass Istanbul is one of the most popular practices of gastric bypass in Turkey and around the world by giving very successful outcomes with good treatment plans to the foreign patients.

For those searching for the best gastric bypass for themselves, here are some important points about why gastric bypass Istanbul is the best choice.

Gastric Bypass Istanbul

What are the advantages of gastric bypass Istanbul?

Istanbul, being the most famous city of Turkey, is one of the cities where the most successful gastric bypass treatments are performed. Medical practices are very high in number and very developed in Istanbul.

Gastric bypass Istanbul prices

As in other cities of Turkey, the daily life cost and the labor cost is quite cheap in Istanbul; when combining this to the low currency rate of Turkish Lira, gastric bypass Istanbul is one of the cheapest medical treatments around the world, especially for those coming from UK, Europe or USA; prices of gastric bypass treatment are almost three times higher in these places due to the difference of the economic situations of the countries. That is why gastric bypass Istanbul treatments are very appealing to obesity patients from these countries.

Gastric Bypass Istanbul

High number of practice and the fully qualified surgeons

Gastric bypass Istanbul treatments are very high in number and the qualification and experience level of the bariatric surgeons are the highest; therefore, the cheap prices are not only motivation of international patients to come to Istanbul for their obesity treatments; the gastric bypass success rate is quite high in Istanbul and other cities of Turkey.

Famous historical city

Istanbul is one of the most famous cities around the world with the rich history and the beautiful touristic spots; gastric bypass Istanbul practices are very good opportunities for the patients who would like to visit this wonderful city and have a very nice and affordable holiday along with their life-changing gastric bypass treatments.

Packages with assistance and medical service

Another advantage of gastric bypass Istanbul is the quality and constant medical services which international patients may highly benefit from as most of the patients are coming to the country for the first time and it would be hard to arrange all the details of the medical journey by themselves.

Mono Obesity Surgery gastric bypass Istanbul treatments

Mono Obesity Surgery is proud to offer a very good treatment experience for the international patients who would like to benefit from the advantages of gastric bypass surgery treatments. To get more information on all-inclusive and most affordable obesity treatment prices and a detailed obesity treatment plan for your individual medical condition, please do not hesitate to contact Mono Obesity Surgery anytime; our medical consultants will be happy to help you in an online consultation and initiate your special treatment journey.

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  • Kaitlyn Lee

    4 March 2021 at 19:18

    Hello i have some questions about the gastric bypass procedure. I am planning to get my surgery in Turkey. How long does it takes to finish the surgery? And what if the surgery fails? Is it possible for anyone to contact with me about the procedures. I saw so many people had surgery with your clinic and I have really impressed. Looking forward to meet you all!

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