Gastric bypass options

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Gastric bypass options

Gastric bypass procedures are similar operations used to treat morbid obesity, which consists of excessive accumulation of excess weight in the body in adipose tissue and causes serious health problems.

In a gastric bypass, the stomach is first divided into a small upper part, and a larger lower part called the “remnant.” Then, the connections of both pouches with the small intestine are rearranged.

Gastric bypass procedures

Roux-en-Y (proximal)

Doctors commonly use this gastric bypass technique, and it is the most used bariatric procedure in the USA. It is the operation that causes the least nutritional problems.

Roux-en-Y (distal)

The typical small intestine is between 600-1000 cm. Moving the Y junction to the digestive system’s lower parts significantly reduces the small intestine’s nutrient absorption capacity.

Gastric bypass options

Loop Gastric Bypass (Mini Gastric Bypass)

This variant has shown that it is safer when made from the lower levels of the stomach. It provides a quicker operation and healing process.

Gastric bypass weight loss

Bypass surgery provides serious weight loss after surgery. Therefore, it is a very useful option in the treatment of clinical or morbid obesity. Bypass patients typically lose 66% of their pre-operative excess weight in the first two years. In a study of 125 patients, 74% of excess patients lost weight in the first year, 78% in two years, 81% in three years, 84% in four years, and 91% in five years.

Gastric bypass for obesity

Gastric bypass should be used if the patient is severely overweight; satisfactory and permanent weight loss cannot be achieved despite all dietary efforts. Concomitant diseases that threaten life or reduce the quality of life occur. Doctors can prefer as the first choice in patients with metabolic syndrome symptoms such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Cheap gastric bypass

You choose the most suitable for you in gastric bypass surgery; therefore, you can first get all the necessary tests and have a consultation. Then choose the appropriate gastric bypass surgery for you and get information about pricing.

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