Gastric Bypass Sleeve

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Gastric bypass sleeve cost

Gastric bypass surgery is a two-stage laparoscopic surgery. Firstly, a small stomach bag is created with staples in the upper part of the stomach during the procedure. The first part of the small intestine is taken, and its lower end is opened and connected to this newly created small stomach bag. Thus, foods consumed bypass most of the stomach and the first part of the small intestine. In this way, the person feels full by consuming a small amount of food, and less amount of food is absorbed by the small intestine. The cost of the operation depends on the details of the treatment plan.

I had gastric bypass

In the first month after gastric bypass surgery, the person should only consume liquids and small amounts of soft foods. 

However, gradually, solid foods are added to the diet again. After gastric bypass surgery, they will realize that they feel full for a long time with very little food.

gastric sleeve uk

Gastric bypass sleeve

After gastric bypass surgery, the person can get help from the nutritionist about making changes in his eating habits. It is predicted that after gastric bypass surgery, the person will lose two-thirds of his body weight in the first two years.

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This type of surgery requires the physician’s experience and the things that used to be very necessary and expensive. In this type of surgical procedure, we recommend that you consider your health rather than the price.

Stomach bypass cost


If you want to learn about pricing, going to a hospital near you and getting a cost will be more realistic than the prices you research on the internet.

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