Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost

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Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost

Obesity is a very serious disease which can lead many other medical conditions and can reversely affect the quality of life of a patient; therefore, the significant rise of the popularity of obesity treatments is very good news. One of the highly improved techniques of obesity treatments is gastric bypass, searched by a high number of patients and providing life-changing results to a great proportion of obesity patients.

Gastric bypass surgery cost can change in accordance to several different aspects; here are some significant points which may help obesity patients to find the most affordable gastric bypass surgery cost for themselves.

How to find the most affordable gastric bypass surgery cost?

Gastric bypass is a popular treatment that is performed all around the world by successful surgeons; for this reason, there is a big chance that the most affordable gastric bypass surgery cost may not be in your own country. Though it seems hard at first, travelling abroad for gastric bypass treatment is actually quite advantageous and common due to the existence of numerous more affordable and quality treatment options in many other countries.

These difference in the gastric bypass surgery cost can be caused by various factors such as different currency rates of the countries, differences on labor and daily life cost or different medical expenses rate; one of the most well-known countries for the cheap gastric bypass surgery cost is Turkey for sure. The country is visited by a high number of obesity patients who would like to achieve the best results with the cheapest prices and quality medical services.

While looking for the most affordable gastric bypass surgery cost, it is also important to be careful with the medical services that the treatment price covers; these services are especially essential for international patients to have a convenient treatment journey and they are also effective on the overall gastric bypass surgery cost. Therefore, patients are advised to make sure that they will receive all the necessary services without needing to pay extra for them.

Gastric Bypass in Turkey
Gastric Bypass cost in turkey

Being in a leading position in Turkey, Mono Obesity Surgery is proud to offer the most quality medical services with the all-inclusive package gastric bypass surgery cost for international patients. Please contact us and initiate your life-changing treatment journey in Turkey.

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People who are eligible for gastric bypass include those who have a history of multiple attempts of losing weight with diet, excess weight that may jeopardize the health, people aged between 18 and 65 years, people who have a body mass index of 40 kg/m² or higher or a body mass index of 35 to 40 kg/m² and any obesity-associated co-morbidities. including insulin resistance, sleep apnea, hearth diseases or joint disorders.

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Gastric Bypass

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Gastric bypass is a perfect mean to achieve long-term weight control by reducing the appetite and allowing small portions of food. Most of patients successfully lose weight and maintain their excess weight loss in long term. Weight loss provides permanent resolution of obesity-associated co-morbidities, notably diabetes mellitus type 2. The rates of postoperative patient satisfaction are high in terms of psychological and physical effects.

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The most known complications include anastomotic leakage, bleeding and embolism. These complications are more likely to occur during the first 15 days after surgery. Please contact your doctor immediately after becoming aware of the first signs of such complications as early detection may decrease treatment duration and may have a positive impact on treatment outcomes.

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What’s more, it is a very effective surgery on appetite control and feeling of satiety due to the hormone called Ghrelin, which is secreted from the removed part of the stomach. Because it retains a normal intestinal tract, it is a more physiological method and will not cause complications due to malabsorption of nutrients. In recent years, this method has only been regarded as an effective bariatric surgery and has been used.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery

A timely and successful intervention of your doctor is the key to the treatment of a potential leakage. The detection and treatment of a leakage is quite easy for an experienced bariatric surgeon. However, such complications will prolong the healing process. Another risk is the risk for embolism. Any surgical procedure is associated with a risk for embolism; however, this risk for embolism is higher in bariatric surgery procedures in association with excess weight.



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