Gastric Operation Weight Loss

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Weight loss with surgery

Tube stomach operation is a widespread practice. Of course, as in all surgical procedures, this operation also has potential risks specific to general surgery and this operation.

In this surgery, the veins on the broadside are cut first. Then, as a guide for calibration, a tube of a certain thickness is inserted through the mouth and passed through the pylorus at the stomach’s exit. Then the stomach is separated from the bottom upwards with a stapler at a distance of 2-3 cm from the pylorus. 


Gastric Bypass in Turkey

Sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass

Patients should consult to their doctors to find out about gastric bypass after sleeve gastrectomy.

Gastric sleeve op

Approximately 80% of the cut and separated stomach is taken out. The punch line is left unchanged, or the stitch, cover glue, etc. supported by. We prefer to stitch. An average of 70-110 cc gastric tube is created. Testing is done with methylene blue and air. A drain is placed to discharge the debris and control it.

Bariatric Sleeve

To have obesity surgery, apart from BMI competence, it is necessary to be over the age of 11, have no alcohol problems, and 

Stomach sleeve

A special diet is applied for the first one month after sleeve gastrectomy. Liquid, puree, and soft diet are used, respectively. Dietitian control is essential during this period. Solid foods are started at the end of the first month. The day after the operation, water is created to be drunk and gradually increased. Protein support is given in the first month. The blood thinner injection, which was started one day before the surgery, is continued for at least ten days. 


Compression stockings are worn while undergoing surgery, and it is recommended to use them for at least ten days. In the first month, walking is recommended as a sport, gradually increasing the time and pace. Also, you can do aerobics, fitness, and swimming.

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