Gastric Sleeve Cost

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Stomach sleeve cost

Doctors frequently prefer it due to its low complication rate and the comfortable operation process. Most of the excess weight is lost within approximately one year after Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy operation, known in the medical literature.

Gastric sleeve cost near me

The cost of sleeve gastrectomy may vary depending on the surgeon’s experience, the quality and number of the material used in operation, examination costs, and hospital costs. Gastric sleeve prices are naturally higher in private hospitals. Our team will give you the best price for gastric sleeve operation.

affordable gastric sleeve in turkey

Affordable gastric sleeve

Doctors will apply a closed surgery technique called laparoscopy in sleeve gastrectomy. We will perform this surgery under general anesthesia, that is, by putting the patient to sleep. Starting from a distance of 3-6 cm from the pylorus, which is the stomach’s endpoint, the stomach will turn into a tube with special equipment and methods. The curved part of the stomach will remove itself in time. Because it unusable at the moment. Approximately 70-80% of the stomach will separate and remove itself at the end of the operation.

Gastric sleeve near me

Tube stomach surgery takes about 45 minutes. After the procedure, effective weight loss is achieved by combining 3 different mechanisms.

During the sleeve gastrectomy, the patient’s appetite will decrease after the operation in the fungus. The stomach will reduce itself in time. It will reduce enough to take only about one tea glass of food at a time. Get in touch with us to fnd out the best gastric sleeve near you.

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