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Gastric sleeve doctors

Sleeve gastrectomy is a new obesity surgical technique that doctors use laparoscopically and reducing the stomach’s volume. The stomach takes the form of a tube-like the continuation of the esophagus. Since stomach volume decreases to 25%, patients become full when they eat 1/4 of what they eat before.

Sleeve gastrectomy procedure

In this method, since intestines are not bypassed, malabsorption does not occur, eating less causes weight loss. Sleeve gastrectomy meal has emerged as a restrictive method. However, it has been found that it also has metabolic effects through hormonal changes.

Bariatric sleeve gastrectomy

You will get very fast results with stomach reduction surgery. It motivates patients to lose weight because it gives quick results. Even if its effect decreases, it continues for a long time. Since it is a simple procedure, the risks are low, and recovery is quick.

Since the doctor performs surgery closed way, the healing process will be fast. Besides, patients can have another obesity surgery when the weight loss process decreases after 1-1 and a half.

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Bariatric sleeve procedure

Doctors apply general anesthesia to patients before surgery. The operation takes between 45 minutes and one and a half hours. Gastric sleeve surgery results in a small hole opened in the stomach area to form a tube from the stomach to the esophagus. Doctors remove most of the stomach during this procedure. With the shrinkage of the stomach, it aims to decrease the food intake.

Since the doctor removes the fundus area where the appetite hormone appetite decreases after surgery, the passage of foods to the intestine becomes faster with the removal of the reservoir area. Thus, patients experience a feeling of satiety shortly after eating.

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