Gastric Sleeve Edgbaston Birmingham

4 March 2021 by monoobesit0

Gastric Sleeve Edgbaston Birmingham

The Mono Obesity Surgery performs the best Birmingham Edgbaston Gastric Sleeve procedures, with several years of advanced practice and outstanding surgical treatment focused on efficiency and comfort. Please consult us for a free online consultation on the latest gastric sleeve price for 2021.

Expert and trained physicians in obesity provide patients with the opportunity to make a difference with obesity treatment in Birmingham Edgbaston Gastric Sleeve.

How does the operation affect a patient’s life?

People with an overweight life are very complex in many regards. Increased quality of life, better physical fitness and a much changed overall physiological state can be achieved with a stomach sleeve operation within a short amount of time following excessive weight loss.

Birmingham Edgbaston Gastric Sleeve treatments are very easy and effective, and the next day patients feel comfortable to get up and walk. The procedure is not difficult and there is very little discomfort.

The patient’s life is improved particularly when patients have some other overweight conditions, including diabetes and blood pressure; thanks to gastric sleeve operations, they vanish at an incredible speed.

Birmingham Edgbaston Gastric Sleeve makes a significant difference in food habits. The smaller stomach size decreases patients’ calories and makes it easier to lose weight.

Birmingham Edgbaston Gastric Sleeve

Only a 10-minute drive from the busy city centre, Edgbaston boasts beautiful green roads, Georgian architecture and quiet gardens. This may be the perfect place for you if you like your summer sports activities.

Birmingham Edgbaston Gastric Sleeve patients’ reviews

“Deciding on such a life-changing operation was the best thing I’ve done for myself; before the operation I couldn’t enjoy life at all because of the discomfort obesity gave me. I would like to thank Mono obesity surgery, for giving me this amazing experience.”

“I ve lost 49 kg with gastric sleeve in Mono and my weight loss process goes on! I can’t believe how I look already; I am so glad that I have had the operation. My physical abilities have significantly improved and everybody says I look amazing. I totally recommend Mono for a very quality and safe obesity treatment.”




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