Gastric Sleeve Is It Safe?

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Gastric Sleeve Is It Safe?

Gastric sleeve is one of the practical and popular methods for obese people to lose weight fast. Therefore, many patients wonder whether the gastric sleeve is risky. Gastric sleeve surgery involves some minor risks that occur in every surgery. However, there is no long-term risk in gastric sleeve surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Is It Safe?

After the operation, the patient should pay attention to the diet. Otherwise, the patient may face various risks. Therefore, patients should eat a healthy diet and follow a diet program. After the surgery, doctors give patients a diet program for a healthy diet. Thus, patients build a healthy future.

Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy

In gastric sleeve surgery, doctors make several holes in the patient’s abdomen. Then, through these holes, doctors insert a camera and special surgical instruments. In surgery, doctors cut most of the stomach and the appetite area in the stomach and remove it from the body. Thus, gastric sleeve surgery ends.

Bariatric Sleeve

Doctors send a tube from the patient’s mouth to his stomach before the surgery begins. Thanks to this tube, doctors adjust the ideal size of the patient’s stomach. Then, according to the length of the sleeve, the doctors cut the patient’s abdomen. After the surgery, the doctors remove the tube from the patient’s stomach.

affordable gastric sleeve in turkey
affordable gastric sleeve in turkey

Sleeve Procedure for Weight Loss

After the surgery, patients must follow a healthy diet program to lose weight. Gastric sleeve surgery allows patients to adapt to diets more easily. Therefore, patients should not continue to eat an unhealthy diet after surgery.

Sleeve Weight Loss

Patients need to make healthy eating a lifestyle to lose weight. Patients who continue to have an unhealthy diet may gain weight. Therefore, the patient only consumes liquid and puree in the first one month after surgery. After the first month, the patient can gradually consume solid foods.


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