Gastric Sleeve Manchester Tameside

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Gastric Sleeve Manchester Tameside

Mono Obesity surgery is proud to offer the best Manchester Tameside Gastric sleeve treatments with talented bariatric surgeon who have years of experience and quality medical services which focuses on the patients well-being and happiness. Do not hesitate to contact us and get a free online consultation to find out about the updated gastric sleeve prices for 2021.

The skilled and expert obesity surgeons of Mono Obesity Surgery give patients who suffer from obesity a chance to change their life with this painless, comfortable and effective Manchester Tameside Gastric sleeve operation.

How will gastric sleeve affect the life of a patient with obesity?

Life of a patient with obesity is very challenging in several ways, and the quality of life increases, the physical condition improves and the overall physiological status increases dramatically after loss of excessive weight within very short periods due to sophisticated surgical procedure of gastric sleeve.

Treatments in Manchester Tameside gastric sleeve are very simple and convenient, and patients will feel comfortable standing up and walking on the same day. The healing is not difficult and the discomfort is at the least.

The life of the patient also improves following gastric sleeve surgery in relation to other conditions caused by excess weight such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Patients of gastric sleeve get a positive impact on their life.

For modifying eating habits to a better state, the Manchester Tameside gastric sleeve is reliable. Due to decreased stomach capacity, patients get full with less food and thus quickly lose weight.

Manchester Tameside gastric sleeve

The borough gets its name from the River Tame; while visiting Tameside, do not forget to see Portland Basin Museum, Museum of the Manchester Regiment, Werneth Low Country Park, Park Bridge Heritage Centre and Ashton Market.

What do patients say about Manchester Tameside gastric sleeve?

“Obesity is cruel problem affecting every part of your life; I am so glad that I made the decision which has changed my life entirely. I would like to thank mono obesity team for helping me through my weight loss experience and giving me a new life.”

“I lost 66 kg with gastric sleeve; I knew losing weight was gonna be nice but I didn’t know how much it would change me. Thanks Mono obesity surgery, I totally recommend!”


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