Gastric Sleeve Op

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Gastric Sleeve Op

Gastric sleeve operation is an operation that helps to lose weight for obese people with a body mass index over 40. In a gastric sleeve operation, doctors cut a large part of the patient’s stomach. Thus, patients have a smaller stomach and start eating less.

Bariatric Sleeve

Before the surgery begins, doctors send a tube from the patient’s mouth to the stomach. Thanks to this tube, doctors adjust the size of the patient’s abdomen. After the surgery, bariatric surgeon removes this tube from the patient’s stomach.

Gastric Sleeve Op

Gastric sleeve surgery is an operation that requires anesthesia. That’s why doctors initially administer anesthesia to the patient. Doctors then make a few small punctures in the patient’s abdomen. Through these tiny holes, doctors perform the gastric sleeve surgery by inserting surgical instruments into the patient’s stomach.

Gastric Operation Weight Loss

To lose weight after gastric sleeve surgery, patients need to follow a proper nutrition plan. Patients have to consume only liquids and puree in the first month. Patients who do not follow the diet program may not lose weight or even gain weight. Therefore, dieting should have a vital place in the lives of patients.

Gastric Sleeve Operation Cost


The best method to obtain gastric sleeve surgery price information is to contact the clinic. If the patients wish, they can come to the clinic and meet with the doctors face to face. Thus, doctors can examine patients.  Doctors can also give different recommendations to patients during the examination. Then, patients can learn the price information.

Vertical Gastric Sleeve Cost

Patients who cannot come to the clinic can contact the clinic’s phone number. Patients can send a message to the clinic via WhatsApp. Thus, clinic staff can provide information to patients about the surgery price throughout the day. You can contact Mono Obesity Surgery for further information anytime.


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