Gastric Sleeve Operation Time

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Gastric Sleeve Operation Time

Gastric sleeve surgery is the safest and effective surgery with simpler procedures. Therefore, it takes almost one hour for a surgeon to complete a successful operation. Compared to other bariatric surgeries, the chance of vitamin and nutrient deficiency due to gastric sleeve operation is nearly rare. In the long term, gastric sleeve surgery has more successful results with a low-risk chance of occurring ulcer, internal hernias.

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Gastric sleeve doctors perform gastric sleeve procedures with laparoscopic surgery techniques. Laparoscopy allows surgeons to make a very little incision on the patient’s body. An experienced surgeon performs closed gastric sleeve surgery with success as in any open surgery.

Gastric sleeve operation time

Closed surgery takes short time since it does not require any time to open up a hole to perform surgery. All surgeon needs for gastric sleeve operation is small incisions and qualified and advanced tools. Gastric sleeve operation takes about one hour, but a patient remains in the hospital for about three days to complete all the post-op tests.

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A closed gastric sleeve is an effective alternative for weight loss for obese patients. If a patient fails to maintain a proper diet and daily exercise, the patient should consult a medical advisor. After an investigation of the patient medical history, the medical consultants can recommend a surgical operation.


Sleevectomy, also known as gastric sleeve, is a type of weight loss surgery. Gastric sleeve operation removes most of the stomach to convert it into a banana-shaped thin stomach. The new stomach has a smaller capacity that prevents excessive food intake. Moreover, the hormonal changes prevail after the operation to reduce the sensation of hunger. Therefore, patients start to eat less and lose weight.

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