Gastric Sleeve Operation

6 March 2021 by monoobesit0

Gastric Sleeve Operation


Obesity is a big problem for many people today. Therefore, people use different methods to lose weight, and one of these methods is gastric sleeve operation. The purpose of gastric sleeve operation is to restrict food intake, so most of the patient’s stomach is removed. Tube stomach operation takes about 1 hour. The surgery starts with the doctor’s application of general anesthesia to the patient. Then the doctor makes four small holes in the patient’s abdomen. Through these holes, the specialist doctor team cuts a part of the stomach with special tools.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Advantages


Thanks to gastric sleeve operation, the patient eats less than he eats in his everyday life and loses excess weight. In addition to the reduction in eating, the patient loses a large part of the feeling of hunger. Therefore, patients do not feel the need to eat much. Many of the health problems caused by being overweight are also improved. In other words, a gastric sleeve solves the secondary health problems of patients. A gastric sleeve operation is a closed operation, so the patient does not have major surgical wounds. Thus, the patient heals quickly, so that patients can return to their homes in a short time.

Is a Gastric Sleeve Operation Safe?


Gastric sleeve surgery does not cause any health problems in the long term. However, patients should go to the examination before gastric sleeve operation. If there is no obstacle for the patient, the patient can have a gastric sleeve. After the surgery, patients should follow the rules set by their doctors. Patients should follow the diet in order not to gain weight after surgery. This diet is essential for the patient not to gain weight again and to lose weight faster. In this way, patients can build their future more healthily.



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