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Gastric sleeve procedure cost

Price information can be inquired by reaching the clinics either from the websites or by phone. It should not be forgotten that all stomach surgery prices are insufficient to get a 100 percent judgment on the procedure’s nature.

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The important thing is the experience and competence of the clinic and physicians on this subject. Providing information about the surgery, which is hope for obese patients, Doctor said, “The target will be able to lose 10 to 25 kilos in the first month after tube stomach surgery. Patients usually lose 30-40 kilos in the third month. After this month, the weight loss decreases with a little enlargement of the stomach.”

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You can experience very rapid weight loss in the first two to three months after sleeve gastrectomy (stomach reduction) surgery. Weight loss in the first months increases the motivation of the patients. And it supports their adaptation to sports and nutrition plan recommendations. Although not as fast as in the first months, the active weight loss process continues until the end of the first year. Although the weight loss rate decreased after the first year, it was 18-24 on average. The process of losing weight continues until 7 months and then stops.

In patients who have undergone sleeve gastrectomy and do not adhere to the nutritional plan and sports recommendations, it is possible to experience weight gain after the weight loss process, although it is impossible to reach their previous weight.

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As in others, the most crucial part of sleeve gastrectomy is the patient’s labor. The patient should also strive to heal himself. However, the Doctor is doing an important job too. But if the patient does not want it, he cannot cure it. Get in touch with us to find out the cheapest prices.

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