Gastric Sleeve UK Cost

6 March 2021 by monoobesit0

Gastric Sleeve UK Cost

Today, many people have various health problems due to obesity. Therefore, patients who cannot lose weight with diet and sports want to undergo surgery to lose weight. In some cases, sports and diet are not enough to lose weight because these patients’ bodies are not suitable for this. Another example is that patients may need to lose weight fast, so gastric sleeve solves people’s problems. The gastric sleeve UK cost is uncertain. That is why patients should contact the clinic to get the best information.

Can Gastric Sleeve Cause Diabetes?

The answer to this question is no. Doctors recommend gastric tube surgery for obese people with diabetes because it may be more difficult for them to lose weight than ordinary people. Patients who are rapidly weakened by gastric tube surgery also get rid of diabetes to a great extent. Also, patients recover from diseases they experience due to obesity after gastric tube surgery. In other words, gastric tube surgery has no permanent harm for the patient and even more benefits.

Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Patients should not eat any food for the first two days after the surgery. Then, patients should start eating liquid and soft foods. Since the patients will stay in the hospital for four days, doctors take care of the patients. After the patients return home, they should continue to eat liquids and soft foods. Healthy smoothies, fat-free yogurts, skimmed milk are the most significant friends of patients during this feeding period. For one month, the patient should consume puree food and liquid. Patients can then consume solid foods but still should continue dieting. The doctor gives this diet to the patient. Patients who do not follow this diet may slow down the weight loss rate or may not even lose weight.


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