Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss by Month

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Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss by Month

After gastric sleeve surgery, patients have to start consume liquid foods. Consuming only liquid foods causes significant weight loss besides the treatment effect. For this reason, sleeve gastrectomy weight loss increases over time. However, long-term weight loss depends on the determination of the patient to follow a strict diet.

Gastric sleeve cost

A gastric sleeve is a necessary weight loss surgery for patients unable to maintain a proper diet or get a regular exercise plan. However, developments in Turkey’s obesity treatment sectors offer the safest and low-cost weight loss surgery in the top class clinics. Therefore, Turkey has a favorite place in the eyes of international patients when it comes to health.

Gastric sleeve cost near me

Gastric sleeve cost is different in almost all clinics depending on the quality of services and the surgeon’s experience. Nevertheless, the price of treatment in Turkey is lower than in European countries and many others. Hence, Turkey’s health sector is a shining star known for its qualified cheap health service.

Gastric sleeve is it safe?

It is always a question for obese patients whether the weight loss procedures are safe or not. Gastric sleeve surgery is the safest and effective amongst the other weight loss procedures. However, it still has some side effects, like other surgical methods. On the other hand, these risks have a lower chance of occurring than many other surgeries.

Gastric sleeve weight loss by month

Gastric sleeves usually show fast and effective weight loss results compared to other bariatric weight loss methods. Patients usually show loss about half of their body weight in two years from the surgery. Unlike other methods, a gastric sleeve does not require any insertion of materials to the body. Thus, the operation is the easiest and safest amongst other methods.

Weight for gastric sleeve

The medical consultants recommend gastric sleeve surgery to adult patients who suffers from obesity or obesity-related health problems; patients with ages of between 18-65 and body mass index of 40 or greater. Contact Mono Obesity Surgery to find out if you are a suitable candidate for gastric sleeve.


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