Gastrisk Sleeve

12 March 2021 by monoobesit

Gastrisk Sleeve

The significant purpose of gastric sleeve surgery is to help the patient lose weight fast. Therefore, doctors recommend gastric sleeve operation to obese patients. Also, people with a body mass index above 40 can benefit from gastric sleeve surgery. Thanks to gastric sleeve surgery, patients who have difficulty losing weight can lose weight more quickly.

Vertical Gastric Sleeve

In vertical gastric sleeve surgery, doctors first apply general anesthesia to the patient. Doctors then make a few holes in the patient’s abdomen for a camera and surgical instruments. Doctors perform the surgery by inserting the tools through the holes. Doctors cut most of the patient’s stomach during surgery.

Abdominal Sleeve

Doctors send a tube to the patient’s abdomen before surgery. After surgery, doctors remove this tube from the patient’s abdomen. This object only helps the doctor to cut the patient’s stomach more efficiently during the surgery.

Therefore, patients do not live with an object in their abdomen.

Gastrisk Sleeve

Patients do not eat any food for two days after surgery. After that, patients only consume liquid and puree for one month. After one month, patients can consume solid foods. However, patients should have a healthy diet.

Stomach Sleeve

Patients have to diet after surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery helps patients to adopt a healthy diet. Patients who do not diet may not be able to lose weight. Even patients can gain weight. Therefore, patients should make it a habit to consume healthy foods.

Gastric Sleeve Is It Safe

Gastric sleeve surgery carries the same low risks as all other surgeries. Therefore, gastric sleeve surgery does not involve any risk. After gastric sleeve surgery, patients also get rid of some diseases related to obesity condition. Gastric sleeve surgery treats obesity-related diseases. Also, Gastric sleeve surgery does not cause any permanent illness.

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