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Sleeve weight loss

In tube stomach (stomach reduction) surgeries, also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy, its purpose is to make the patient feel full with less food by reducing the stomach size.

In this operation, a particular part of the stomach (the part that stretches, manages the appetite, expands is surgically removed, and a tube-shaped stomach (about the size of a banana) is left. Doctors will perform the surgery by entering the abdominal cavity through small incisions.

Getting a gastric sleeve

There are some criteria for this. Firstly, the patient must have tried non-surgical methods such as exercise and diet for a while but still failed to lose weight. The patient must be between 18 – 80 years old and able to withstand anesthesia. If the Body Mass Index is over 40 or between 35-40, there must be an additional disease related to obesity. For example, diabetes, high blood pressure. Besides, the patient should not have a psychiatric disorder and should not be an addict to alcohol and drugs.

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Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (banana stomach-stomach reduction) is a 60% successful method for weight loss. This surgery has no long-term harm. If the patient ignores his diet, they may have difficulties in losing weight. They may encounter nutritional problems and even gain weight.

stomach reduction uk
stomach reduction uk

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Patients who meet these criteria can get the surgery. Tube stomach for cosmetic weight loss requests, patients outside the age limit of 18-80, patients who ignore their post-operative diet, cannot control eating, alcohol or substance addicts, severe heart or lung diseases that prevent anesthesia. Step By Step Weight Loss Surgery info.

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