Intragastric Balloon England

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Intragastric Balloon England

Many people need to lose weight quickly for different reasons, such as health problems caused by obesity. In this case, the intragastric balloon procedure helps patients to lose weight fast. The intragastric balloon is not a surgery because doctors do not make any holes in the patient.

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Doctors insert a balloon into the patient’s stomach without a hole in the patient’s body. Patients do not feel different from a standard endoscopy during this procedure. Then, the doctors inflate the balloon to a certain extent, and this balloon covers a large part of the stomach. In this way, patients have to consume less food because their stomachs cannot store more food.

Saline Balloon Weight Loss

Doctors put the balloon on the patient’s stomach, deflated it during the intragastric balloon procedure. Then the doctors inflate the balloon by adding saline solution into the balloon. This procedure takes less time than most obesity surgeries. Also, patients do not suffer after the intragastric balloon procedure. At the end of 6-12 months from the process, doctors remove this balloon from the patient’s stomach. After the 12th month, the patient needs to follow the diet program to stay thin. If the patient is malnourished, the patient can regain weight. The patient will have the same gap at the end of 12 months. Therefore patients can get hungry, but they must go on a diet.

Intragastric Balloon Cost

To find out the intragastric balloon fees, patients should contact the hospital’s communication options. Patients can get the best information by contacting the clinics. If patients can come to the clinics, they will get the best information from a face-to-face examination; howeever online consultations are also very effective.

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At the hospital, doctors can offer patients other options to lose weight. Patients can also consider these options. Thus, patients can have a lot of information about the intragastric balloon procedure and treatment options around them.

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The stomach balloon procedure is performed very commonly today; please contact us to get information about the most successful stomach balloon treatments.


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