Intragastric Balloon Procedure

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Intragastric Balloon Procedure

Obese people who need to lose weight fast prefer the intragastric balloon procedure. This process wants to reduce the patient’s appetite and make him lose weight. Doctors use endoscopy tools for intragastric balloon procedures, so this procedure is not an operation. Therefore, doctors never cut the patient’s body, so patients don’t have to worry.

Intragastric Balloon UK

Doctors leave a balloon inside the patient’s stomach and inflate this balloon in the stomach. The balloon occupies space in the stomach area, and thus the space area in the patient’s stomach is reduced. Therefore, the patient has to eat less food and becomes weak.

Balloon Inserted in Stomach For Weight Loss


The duration of the patient’s weight loss with a balloon takes six-twelve months. The patient continues his life with a balloon in his stomach for one year. They can lose weight very quickly within one year. During this time, patients should follow the diet program given by their doctor.

Intragastric balloon procedure

This diet program is vital for the patient’s weight loss and permanence, so the patient must strictly follow this diet list. After the patient loses weight at the end of one year, they take the balloon in the patient’s stomach. Then patients regain their old stomach size. The patient should continue to diet and be careful not to gain weight again.

Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon

Since the intragastric balloon procedure is not surgery, it has many advantages for patients. Intragastric balloon procedure is an endoscopic procedure. Therefore, after the intragastric balloon procedure, patients have more comfortable rules than surgeries. After the gastric balloon procedure, patients do not experience pain as if they had surgery. Patients may have vomiting and abdominal pain for a few days until their stomach gets used to the balloon. In this case, patients can only use medications recommended by their doctors.

Gastric balloon procedure cost

The cost of the procedure may vary depending on different factors; to find out the gastric balloon procedure cost please contact us and get an online consultation.

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