Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy

Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy is a weight loss method for obese people with a body mass index over 40. Obesity causes major physical health problems besides social problems. Therefore, people can have difficulty losing weight only with sports and diet. Sleeve gastrectomy helps patients to lose weight. Doctors cut most of the patients’ stomachs with this surgery. Thus, gastric sleeve operation aims to reduce the weight of the patient by eating less food.

Gastric sleeve operation time

While the exact operation time can change depending on the patients’ individual condition, approximately it lasts 1- 1,5 hours.

Gastric Sleeve Stomach

Sleeve gastrectomy is a closed surgery, so doctors only make a few holes in patients’ abdomen. Through these holes, doctors reach the patient’s stomach using instruments. Obesity surgery in turkey Before surgery, doctors send a tube from the patient’s mouth to his stomach. Thanks to this tube, doctors determine the stomach’s ideal size and cut the stomach according to this tube.

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Doctors remove this tube from the patient’s abdomen after the operation. Then, doctors cut the patient’s stomach with special tools and sew them with staples simultaneously. Thus, no bleeding occurs in the patient’s abdomen. The doctor then removes the cut piece from the patient’s body. After closing the holes, the surgery ends. Patients should not eat for the first two days after the operation.

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss

After sleeve gastrectomy, patients have to diet to lose weight.  Patients should only consume liquid and puree in the first month after surgery. Then they can eat solid foods but have to follow the diet program.

Gastric sleeve weight loss by month

Within one year, patients can reach their ideal weight; monthly weight loss may change from person to person. When patients think that they reach perfect weight, they should not start malnutrition again. In this case, patients can begin to get fat. Lap sleeve gastrectomy helps patients to adapt to the diet. If patients do not diet, they cannot lose weight. Therefore, patients should make dieting and healthy eating a part of their lives.


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