Manchester Oldham Gastric Sleeve

27 February 2021 by monoobesit1

Manchester Oldham Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery has many expertise and experience in great quality bariatric and patience based service in Manchester Oldham Gastric Sleeve procedures. Contact our specialized advisers and obesity specialists and find out more about the current price of gastric sleeve 2021.

Mono Obesity Surgery is delighted to supply the highest skills and experience and success rate for Manchester Oldham Gastric Sleeve.

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Gastric sleeve advantages

Gastric sleeves are very useful and effective for obese individuals. They are very convenient and easy, unlike many other procedures of weight loss.

Manchester Oldham Gastric Sleeve patients can stand up and walk the same day of their operation. It is comfortable and has the lowest level of side effects.

Manchester Oldham Gastric Sleeve

The reduced number of related diseases following the treatment of obesity patients is also an important benefit of the gastric sleeve; it treats obesity and associated health conditions.

The technique is focused at rising patients’ unique eating patterns. Less stomach size gives you fewer calories and a significant loss of weight takes a quite short time.

Life after gastric sleeve

Life after gastric sleeve is much better for obesity patients: the huge reduction of weight plays a big role and boosts the quality of life.

Our skilled dietician provides customized diet programs for patients of Manchester Oldham Gastric Sleeve to maximize weight loss and improve recovery.

Manchester Oldham Gastric Sleeve

Oldham has a lot to come from the cultural point of view and is host to Oldham Coliseum, one of Britain’s oldest theaters still in service nowadays.

Oldham city center offers a variety of supermarkets, a shopping mall, a conventional market, a free city center playground, and several cafes, restaurants and bars to enjoy.

Reviews of Manchester Oldham Gastric Sleeve patients

“I was operated by the excellent obesity surgeon of Mono last year; it was painless and comfortable. The recovery was also quite easy, they provided me with necessary medication and a very detailed nutrition plan. I lost 55 kg with gastric sleeve. This experience changes you a lot; I feel more like myself now.”

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in turkey
Manchester Oldham Gastric Sleeve

“The operation, the staff and the service… Everything in Mono Obesity clinic was perfect! I lost 63 kg and I look so nice, I am so happy with my results, thank you for everything! My sister also booked her gastric sleeve with Mono obesity.”

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  • Faith

    1 March 2021 at 17:47

    That was the best experience for me! I can’t believe my results yet. It’s been almost 3 months after my surgery and i’ve already lost so many weights! I can’t wait to see full results in a year! Thank you Mono Team!

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