Manchester Salford Gastric Sleeve

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Manchester Salford Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery offers the most successful Manchester Salford Gastric Sleeve operations with several years’ experience and outstanding surgical procedures that focuses on patient well-being and comfort. Do not hesitate to consult us with a free online consultation on the latest gastric sleeves prices for 2021.

Knowledgeable and skillful obesity doctors of the Mono Obesity Surgery are offering obesity patients the possibility to transform their life with the Manchester Salford Gastric Sleeve.

How does a gastric sleeve affect a patient’s life?

An individual with obesity’s life is extremely difficult in a variety of respects; improvements in the quality of life, improve physical health and improve the overall physiological status considerably in the limited time following excessive weight loss is possible thanks to the developed gastric sleeve surgery.

In Manchester Salford Gastric Sleeve, treatments are very easy and fast, and patients feel comfortable getting up and walking the next day. The recovery is not difficult and discomfort is very low.

Due to a gastric sleeve procedure, the life of the patient is also increased in terms of some other overweight complications, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

For improving eating habits more effectively, the Manchester Salford Gastric Sleeve is successful. With decreased stomach volume, patients get full with lower calories and lose more weight quickly.

Manchester Salford Gastric Sleeve

Enjoy Salford’s interesting history in many land and water sites of historic significance like the picturesque village of Worsley and the Bridgewater Canal.

The Ordsall Hall, Tudor House, Salford Lads’ Club, and one of the world’s most extraordinary libraries – the Working Class Movement Library – are also a major feature of these.

Patients reviews of Manchester Salford Gastric Sleeve

“My weight loss has reached up to 65kg after gastric sleeve procedure I had with Mono obesity surgery; they were so kind and professional, they provided me with everything I need. I totally recommend them to those looking for a safe and experienced obesity clinic”

“I couldn’t succeed in any weight loss ways and I was very desperate when I met Mono obesity surgery; they performed my gastric sleeve operation and I lost 57 kg afterwards. I wish I had met them sooner, I mentioned about them to my friends and two of them already booked their treatment! Thanks for everything!”

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