Mini Gastric Bypass

6 March 2021 by monoobesit0

Mini Gastric Bypass


Mini gastric bypass is an operation for obese people to lose weight. People who cannot lose enough weight with diet and sports can solve their weight problems with mini gastric bypass. In this surgery, doctors take a small piece of the stomach similar to tube stomach surgery. Unlike the gastric sleeve, the doctor makes a new short path to the stomach and intestine in a mini gastric bypass. The patient’s food absorption decreases, and thus, the patient begins to lose weight more quickly. Generally, obese patients with diabetes and obesity patients who need to lose more weight faster need a mini gastric bypass.

What is Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?


Before the stomach surgery starts, the doctor applies general anesthesia to the patient. Anesthesia is essential for the comfort of the patient during surgery. Then the doctor makes a few holes in the abdomen and performs the whole operation through these holes. The doctor disrupts most of the stomach. In this way, the patient continues his life by using only a small part of his stomach. Then the doctor will shorten the size of the small intestine. Unlike sleeve gastrectomy, doctors do not remove the stomach and intestinal legs from the body. Also, mini gastric bypass is a shorter operation than sleeve gastrectomy.

What Should Patients Pay Attention to After Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?


Patients are kept under the doctor’s consent at the hospital for 2-4 days after surgery. During this period, the patient should not eat for the first two days. Doctors assist patients in all matters during their time in the hospital. To prevent blood clots, patients should wear unique socks for their feet and legs for a few days. Then, patients who go home should pay attention to their nutrition. Failure to pay attention to diet can cause problems in weight loss.



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