Non-Surgical Gastric Balloon

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Non-Surgical Gastric Balloon

People who want to lose weight can sometimes be afraid of surgery. In this case, doctors recommend non-surgical gastric balloon operations to these patients. In a gastric balloon operation, doctors do not make any holes in the patient.

Non surgical gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is an operation performed by an endoscopy. Therefore, when placing the gastric balloon, the patient does not feel different from a routine endoscopy examination.

Tummy balloon

Doctors leave a balloon in the patient’s stomach with endoscopy instruments. Then they inflate this balloon with a blue serum. This balloon occupies a large area in the stomach and gives the patient a feeling of satiety. Therefore, even if the patient wants to, he cannot eat much. Since it will be a non-surgical procedure, patients can return to their everyday lives without pain after surgery.

The Gastric Balloon

Depending on the patient’s condition, doctors keep the gastric balloon in the patient’s stomach for 6-12 months. If there is a health problem with the balloon during this process, the patient’s urine turns blue. If the patient sees blue urine, he should consult a doctor immediately. The blue color of the urine is due to the addition of blue serum into the balloon. In this way, doctors and patients can notice potential problems more quickly. Within 6-12 months, the patient can lose enough weight. However, after the doctor takes the gastric balloon from the stomach, patients should continue their diet.

Gastric Balloon Cost

Patients can get the cleanest information from the clinic for gastric balloon prices. Thus, patients can come to the clinic and ask all their curiosity, and doctors can examine patients in this process. However, patients who do not have the chance to go to the hospital can contact the clinic from the contact addresses. Live support and phone numbers always help patients in this regard.

Balloon in stomach for weight loss price

While there are many aspects effecting this price, the individual tretament plan carries big importance on it; to get a individualized treatmend plan and know about the prices, please get in touch with us.



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