Stomach botox

Botox on stomach

Gastric botox application, which has been very common in recent years, is performed with an endoscopy needle in the stomach’s fundus part. Botox acts on the striated muscles of the stomach and blocks the contraction of the muscles. To slow digestion in the stomach; Thus, the digestion of the food slows down, and the satiety period is longer.

Stomach botox

Stomach botox will not provide any benefit for 40 points and above it. Obesity surgery is the only option for such patients. In summary, stomach botox is not for extremely obese – overweight patients.

Botox on stomach

Stomach Botox is applied in the endoscopy unit under mild sedation without feeling any pain. The amount of botox applied to people varies between 500-1000 IU. The process takes about 15-20 minutes. After the stomach botox application is over, the patients stay under observation for 2 hours.

Stomach botox for weight loss

After stomach botox decreased appetite in patients, while the decrease in appetite is more intense in the first months. That’s also why the application’s condition is for less urgent and less overweight patients.

Gastric botox injection for weight

It varies from person to person, from the body to the body. However, we can talk about general averages. People with stomach botox can lose up to 20 kilos in the first months.

Stomach botox side effects

On the other hand, Stomach Botox is an application that will take only twenty minutes and can be done almost at lunchtime. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital before being discharged. After this application, which has very few side effects, experts require several controls. However, the successful results of the application generally depend on the patient’s will and healthy nutrition. Please contact Mono Obesity Surgery to get further information on stomach botox.

Gastric Botox

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