Pros of gastric bypass

16 March 2021 by monoobesit

Pros of gastric bypass

The way to combat excess weight is often through surgical interventions. Overweight is that the body mass index is about forty and above. Since the main reason underlying body mass indexes at this level are health problems rather than eating disorders, it is not possible to obtain a definitive solution with sports and diets.

Gastric bypass doctors near me

After the gastric bypass operation, a leak test can be performed in the first days of nutrition, and if there is no problem, liquid nutrition is supported. In this process, where dietitian support is also taken, nutrition is provided with mashed foods for two weeks. You can get information about all these issues from a doctor near you.

Gastric bypass and sleeve

Compared to gastric bypass surgery, you experience slower weight loss in gastric sleeve. Gastric bypass, on the other hand, is a two-stage surgery. As we said, and it has a higher risk of complications than the tube stomach. Recovery is longer than tube stomach surgery. Since the absorption of nutrients and vitamins will decrease, it may cause some deficiencies.

Pros of gastric bypass

  • Weight loss effect is more than tube stomach.
  • The rate of recovery from concomitant diseases is higher than the gastric sleeve.
  • It causes both eating restriction and absorption disorder.

Gastric sleeve of bypass

Bypass application is a popular application in obesity surgery, enabling the use of video cameras, surgical telescopes, and surgical instruments required for the operation by making small incisions on the skin with the laparoscopy method.

Gastric bypass cost

If you are not getting results from your weight loss efforts and gaining more than the weight you lost, and having a body mass index of at least 35. It is possible to lose excess weight. Mono Obesity Surgery will help you reach your ideal weight with non-surgical obesity treatment and bariatric surgery.

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