Sleeve Weight Loss

12 March 2021 by monoobesit

Sleeve Weight Loss

Gastric sleeve weight loss methods are suitable for obese people with a body mass index over 40. In gastric sleeve surgery, doctors cut a large part of the patient’s stomach. Thus, the patient eats less food because he has a smaller stomach. The patient starts to lose weight because he eats less food.

Gastric Sleeve Stomach

Before the operation it is very important to have detailed consultation with the bariatric surgeon about the current medical condition, medical history and previous operations and diseases that patients experienced. The consultation is important to decide on the complete suitability of patients for the surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Op

In gastric sleeve operation, bariatric surgeon makes several holes in the patient’s abdomen. Then, through these holes, doctors insert small surgical instruments into the patient. Thus, doctors cut the patient’s stomach. Surgeons also cut out the appetite area in the patient’s abdomen with this surgery.

Sleeve Weight Loss

After the operation, the patient must follow a diet. Gastric sleeve surgery allows patients to diet easily. In the first month, the patient should only eat liquid and puree. Then the patient can eat normally. However, the patient should always pay attention to a healthy diet. If patients do not diet, they can gain weight.

obesity clinic turkey
obesity clinic turkey

The Sleeve Clinic

Turkey has the best clinical gastric sleeve. Therefore, many patients from abroad, even when it comes to Turkey gastric sleeve surgery. While patients are in Turkey, they can both travel and have affordable gastric sleeve surgery.

Sleeve Clinic

Gastric sleeve clinic in Turkey has the latest technology expert team of doctors and surgical instruments. For more information about the gastric sleeve clinic, patients can call Mono Obesity Surgery and also can send messages on WhatsApp. Our medical consultants provide detailed online consultations for international patients looking for quality weight loss treatments.


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