Gastric Balloon

Intra Gastric Balloon is an endoscopic method applied to lose weight. The balloon was placed in the stomach and inflated with 500-600 cc of liquid. The operation aims to achieve satiety by consuming less food.

Gastric balloon surgery

During the gastric balloon procedure, the person is under conscious sedation. After the patient goes to the clinic hungry, firstly diagnostic endoscopy is performed to see whether the stomach is suitable for balloon application or not.

Gastric Balloon Surgery Turkey

After the approval, the balloon is placed inside the stomach by mouth. With the endoscopy method, 500-600 cc is inflated and left in the stomach. The patient is awakened and rested in the clinic for a few hours. Afterwards, the patient can go home.

What Types of Balloons Are There?

There are two types of balloons: those left in the stomach for six months and those that can be adjusted after 12 months. The decision is made following the patient’s preference and the recommendations of the practitioner. Usually, short-term balloons are chosen for those with stomach complaints. 12-month and adjustable types may be preferred for more tolerant patients. The 12-month balloons can be inflated and lowered depending on the weight loss speed.

What Happens After the Gastric Balloon?

Patients may experience temporary nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Medications to prevent them are recommended. Generally, after two weeks, the complaints decrease or disappear, and the patients begin to learn to live with the balloon.

What Should Patients with Gastric Balloons Eat and Drink?

Soft consistency foods are consumed in the first two weeks after the intra-gastric balloon is inserted. Generally, a diet is taken away from fatty and sugary foods, small meals but often. Foods such as fish, chicken, fiber foods, meat, eggs, limited fruit, not too hot tea, and linden can be consumed. However, chocolate, cake, pastry, acidic drinks, and heavy fried foods should be avoided especially.




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