Gastric Botox

People living sedentary, eating irregularly, not getting enough exercise, the stress in their work-life are more likely to experience excess weight problem. Because all of these are situations that negatively affect the body and harm even a healthy person, and weight problems may occur in some individuals. Again, as a result of some genetically emerging diseases, some people experience weight problems. For individuals to stay healthy, some medical treatment methods have been trying to pave the way for weight loss. One of these medical methods is gastric botox.

How Is Gastric Botox Made?

Gastric Botox is a painless procedure where gastric botox injection is performed orally with an endoscope. During the procedure’s application, general anesthesia is not needed, and this procedure is not considered a surgical intervention like other procedures applied for obesity treatment. This makes the applied method completely safe and reliable. The amount of botox applied to individuals varies according to the health status of the individuals.

The gastric botox process, which takes approximately 15 minutes to 30 minutes, does not cause any individual to feel any pain. Since this procedure is not a surgical intervention, it is impossible to make any incisions on the individuals’ bodies. Since it is an oral method, the patient is under surveillance for a few hours after the procedure is over.

Specialists usually use local anesthesia for gastric botox. Although the question of how to apply gastric botox is alarmingly curious, it is very safe considering its application method.

Side effects of Gastric Botox

Those who have stomach botox begin to see this method’s effects 2 to 3 days after the application.

There has not been a side effect of stomach botox so far. Doctors apply this procedure in a way that affects the smooth muscles in the stomach. Stomach botox does not adversely affect the nervous system or digestive system.

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