Gastric Sleeve Eller Gastric Bypass

Many surgical techniques have been described due to obesity surgery. The most performed operations are Sleeve Gastrectomy (tube Stomach = Stomach Reduction Surgery), which reduces stomach volume, and bypass operations that reduce food absorption and reduce stomach volume.

gastric bypass eller sleeve

In both surgical methods, short-term surgery methods with similar weight loss results in the first 1 to 1.5 years. In terms of long-term results, bypass surgeries seem a little more useful. Istanbul gastric sleeve However, bypass surgery has disadvantages such as shortcuts with small intestines, the need for lifelong vitamin support, vitamin B12, postoperative intraabdominal complications, and occasional bile reflux (bile in the mouth). Besides, Tube Stomach Surgery has disadvantages such as Reflux (bitter water in the mouth).

Bypass and sleeve

When you compare both operations’ complications, the rates of major complications are very close to each other. However, conditions such as atelectasis are slightly more common after gastric bypass surgery, intra-abdominal complications such as adhesion and internal herniation are more common in gastric bypass surgery. Leakage and infection rates are similar in both surgeries.

Gastrointestinal sleeve

When both operations were compared in terms of minor (minor) complications, it was revealed that they had similar risks. These minor risks are; bleeding, infection, reflux, wound infection, dysphagia (painful swallowing), vomiting, trocar site pain.

bariatric surgery turkey
bariatric surgery turkey

As a result; Tube Stomach and Bypass surgeries are surgeries with similar risks. However, the rate of dehydration (fluid loss), intestinal obstruction, and the need for re-hospitalization are more common in bypass surgery. For these reasons, it would be the right approach for the patient. The physician to decide which surgery should be performed. The experience of the physician is also important in this regard.

Bariatric sleeve cost

The opinions of the physician who performs both surgical methods and who has comparative knowledge and experience should be taken into consideration rather than a physician who performs only tube stomach or bypass surgery.

The cost of the treatment should be discussed after the suitable treatment technique is decided.


Gastric Sleeve and Bypass

Gastric sleeve and bypass are popular surgeries for obesity surgery. The common feature of gastric sleeve turkey and bypass is that they are closed surgery. Doctors make only a few holes in the patient’s abdomen and manage the entire surgery through these holes. Through these holes, the doctor inserts a camera and a different unique surgical tool. Thus, the doctor performs the surgery by seeing the patient’s internal organs.

Bypass and Sleeve

In gastric sleeve surgery, the doctor cuts a large part of the patient’s stomach.

bariatric surgery istanbul
bariatric surgery istanbul

The patients lose weight by eating fewer thanks to the small stomach. For this reason, the patients do not have the desire to overeat.

Gastric Bypass and Sleeve

Doctors also cut off the appetite zone in the patient’s stomach. Therefore, the patient feels less hungry. Even if the patients eat little, they feel full. Thus, the patient can diet more efficiently. Nevertheless, the patient must diet after gastric sleeve and bypass.

Gastric Sleeve and Bypass

In bypass surgery, the doctor cuts a large part of the stomach, similar to gastric sleeve surgery. In this surgery, the doctor does not remove the cut stomach from the patient’s body and reroutes the intestines. On the contrary, in gastric sleeve surgery, the doctor removes the stomach part from the patients’ body.

Sleeve of Gastric Bypass

In bypass surgery, the doctor connects the stomach and intestine shorter. Thus, this process reduces the patient’s food absorption. Therefore, the patient loses weight more quickly. On the other hand, gastric sleeve surgery does not reduce the patient’s food absorption.

Gastric Bypass Eller Sleeve

Patients should consult their physicians to decide which surgery is suitable for them. Doctors examine patients. Then they explain the possible results to the patients and recommend the appropriate weight-loss method for the patient. After the doctor’s examination, the patients make the final decision themselves.

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