Gastric Bypass Sleeve Cost

Gastric bypass in Turkey is cost-effective when compared to the other countries. The average cost for gastric bypass turkey is about 6000 USD in Turkey. However, gastric sleeve is also a bariatric surgery via being the safest and effective weight-loss method. A quality gastric sleeve operation is also very affordable in Turkey.

Gastric Sleeve Procedure

Gastric sleeve is a type of weight loss surgery that involves laparoscopy to decrease the stomach’s size to reduce food intake by limiting stomach size. The surgery also provokes hormonal changes that help weight loss. These hormonal changes relieve conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Vertical Gastric Sleeve

A vertical gastric sleeve is a weight-loss surgery for patients who failed diets and exercises to lose weight. This surgery lowers the size of the abdomen and makes it a banana-shaped and sized stomach.

gastric operations
gastric operations

As a result of this decrease, surgery allows the reduction in the amount of food that stomach storage. However, for long term weight-loss after surgery; long-term healthy lifestyle is necessary to keep weight steady.

Abdominal Sleeve

Abdominal sleeve surgery is a kind of bariatric surgery that involves removing a big part of the stomach. Therefore, it decreases the stomach’s size to limit food that the stomach storages to a small amount.

weight loss balloon
weight loss balloon

Patients, who had gastric sleeve surgery, observe profound changes. These changes improve life quality by decreasing eating desire, reduced hunger sensation. These changes, of course, cause a visual weight loss of about one year.

Gastric Bypass Sleeve

Both gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery aims to achieve weight loss in patients. However, the surgery procedure is different than each other as well as the cost. Gastric bypass surgery creates a small pouch about an egg’s size and connects it to the small intestine. At the same time, gastric sleeve surgery removes a big part of the stomach to restrict stomach storage.

Gastric Bypass Sleeve Cost

The cost of gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve is cheap in Turkey compared to other countries. Therefore, Turkey is generally the preference of most patients worldwide.


Average Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass procedure aims to reduce stomach and food consumption to achieve weight loss. The effectiveness of the method makes it very popular among those who tried to lose weight in numerous ways, including nutritional plans or training but could not succeed. Gastric bypass is highly developed and has been giving good results for years. The average cost of gastric bypass surgery can vary depending on many different aspects about the details of the procedure.

What is the average cost of gastric bypass surgery and what are the factors affecting it?

Gastric bypass surgery is commonly performed all around the world; the average cost of gastric bypass surgery can vary depending on the country of the operation. For example; while it is between £9,500 and 15,000 in UK, the average cost of gastric bypass is around £3,000 in Turkey.

There some factors effective on the average cost of gastric bypass surgery to change in different countries; one of the biggest reasons is undoubtedly the economic conditions of the countries. While the medical expenses, labor cost or daily life cost can be lower in some of the countries, they can be quite high in others; these factors are very determinant on the average cost of gastric bypass surgery.

Also, the currency differences are very effective on the treatment costs too; this is one of the reasons why patients choose to have their treatments in another country. The average cost of gastric bypass surgery can be much lower in some of the countries due to the different currency rates.

Finding the most affordable gastric bypass cost

In fact, it is not difficult for international patients to find the most affordable average cost of gastric bypass surgery by being careful with the aspects mentioned above; Turkey is one of the top countries famous for the cheapest cost of obesity procedures and the most quality treatments. Therefore, it is visited by obesity patients quite commonly.

For those searching for the cheapest average cost of gastric bypass surgery, Mono Obesity Surgery medical consultants offer free online consultation sessions in which your treatment plan is created by our experienced and talented obesity surgeon and every detail about the procedure is discussed in detail; please get in touch with us to initiate your Mono obesity treatment journey in Turkey.

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