After gastric sleeve surgery, patients should adapt to the new state and habits of the digestive system, which becomes different with surgery, and follow a nutrition plan to avoid any condition of lack of protein, vitamins and minerals for the long-term. In addition to protein support, consistency and stability in changing eating habits and lifestyle are essential for sure to for the most permanent and healthy weight loss after a bariatric surgery.

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To be able to lose weight after Gastric sleeve surgery, the aim is to decrease calorie intake by decreasing the size of the stomach and to use fat in the body for energy production. However, muscles should be protected too; therefore, fat and carbohydrates intake should be reduced but not protein. Patients are given a protein-rich plan, which is low in carbohydrates and fat. This nutrition plan involves nutrition with liquid for a period of time, followed by soft and mashed foods, and lastly more solid foods. Usage of Protein Powder after Gastric Sleeve Surgery should be under the control of a professional nutritionist.

Nutrition after gastric sleeve surgery

Patients should definitely take a protein shake or powder for the first 2 weeks after surgery; because your energy may decrease and there may be weakness or fatigue. Protein accelerates your recovery process. You should to take protein to prevent weakness and support your nutrition plan. Consult to your doctor or nutritionist and try other products. After the third week, you will start to get foods with protein in your diet; if you are able to consume enough nutrients, you can stop using protein shake or powder. Therefore, you should examine your food consumption together with your doctor and see.

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Eating habits changes and lifestyle changes are important for losing weight healthily after Gastric sleeve surgery. With Gastric sleeve surgery, 80% of the stomach is reduced and it becomes a thin long tube with a banana-like shape. Weight loss is reached by limiting the food intake. But then again nutrition absorption does not change; so preferring healthy food plays a significant role in weight loss. After Gastric sleeve surgery, appetite of the patients decreases majorly because of the big removal of the part which has the hormone ghrelin. However, with time, hormones get back to normal and appetite returns.

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The weight loss period after gastric sleeve surgery lasts 18 months. This duration is the early period. The process of achieving a desired weight may differ between people. Generally, the first 6 months is the period of quick weight loss and low appetite. The late period is the period after stop of weight loss. After Gastric sleeve surgery, nutrition plan is separated into early and late periods. The target of early nutrition plan is to select the proper food for the stomach’s recovery process, to achieve healthy weight loss with the appropriate foods, to be able to eat enough and balanced diet in the weight loss period, to achieve the desired weight and to gain proper eating habit for Gastric sleeve surgery. In late-stage nutrition plan, the aim is to preserve healthy eating habits and achieve weight control.

How should I use protein powder after gastric sleeve surgery?

For patients who require protein supplements after their gastric sleeve surgery, there are many alternative products; including chocolate shakes for those who would like to get used to the taste. While choosing Protein powder, 9 amino acids are important. In addition, the AA score adjusted for protein digestibility should be 100 when using protein powder. It means that you should choose in favor of protein powders with egg, soy, whey and casein in them. Usage of protein powder after gastric sleeve surgery cannot meet all your needs for sure with the unnatural ingredients, and destruction of novelties in muscles can happen. But here the aim is the process to be as healthy as possible.

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Artificial proteins with collagen ingredients are sadly concentrated powders in which the protein ingredient is very low comparing to real protein sources. A patient who had a gastric sleeve needs between 60 and 80 grams of protein every day in the early recovery. Overly protein consumption can lead dehydration if your water consumption during the day is not at the adequate level. True use of protein powder is significant, since if there is only protein in your diet, it can suppress the values of other important nutrition groups taken during the day.

Mono Obesity Surgery provides patients with detailed information on diet after gastric sleeve and the proper aftercare; please contact to get further information from professional medical consultants.

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A certain degree of excess weight (obesity) is treated surgically according to modern medical standards; obesity surgery is also called stomach reduction surgery, but for some cases, a single intervention in the stomach is not enough. Stomach reduction is the aim, but the surgery type is decided by the suitable treatment way that the bariatric surgeon finds necessary.

Gastric sleeve surgery is recommended for patients who are obese and have not achieved important weight loss with diets or exercises. Your obesity surgeon is likely to recommend this surgery if your body mass index is over 45, or if you suffer from any obesity-related diseases like Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure or high cholesterol with a BMI over 35.

Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity surgeries should not be opted by the people who suffer from hormonal diseases. To lose weight, these patients need to try methods like constant nutrition plans and regular exercises. It cannot be done to people with a body mass index of 35 and below. The surgery should not be performed on patients who suffer from obesity due to hormonal disorders. It should not be preferred by people with a psychological disorder and not recommended to have the procedure by a psychiatric doctor.

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After necessary routine tests are done, they are examined by the obesity unit of the hospital or clinic. This unit consists of general surgical dietitian, internal medicine doctor and psychiatry and neurology specialists; they state their opinion on whether the operation should be performed or not.

The obesity surgery has some criteria determined for overweight patients; stomach reduction surgeries are not suitable for everyone. The body mass index 35 or the ones above also cause obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, arthritis and digestive problems are suitable for those with other disorders like heart diseases.

Weight loss methods are suitable for people who were not successful on losing weight in a healthy way despite being consistent for an adequate time. When a person is overweight, the first method that should be tried is dieting under the supervision of a professional and bariatric surgery should not be the first option. It is hard for patients who would like to have gastric sleeve surgery to make this decision; these patients deal with both the society’s pressure on them to eat less and lose weight, and the feeling of failure on the inability of losing weight despite all the dieting and exercising. It is very hard for patients to decide on any medical procedure.

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Bariatric surgeries are suitable for obesity patients with a body mass index of more than 40, and again with a body mass index of more than 35 and have obesity-related medical problems like blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain and who could not lose weight with diet before.

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A detailed examination is done before the procedure. Patients are examined by specialists of internal diseases, endocrine, anesthesia, cardiology, pulmonology and psychiatry. Procedure is often performed on patients who are between the ages 18-70. For patients under 18, the surgery should be determined by examining the degree of obesity and other related diseases. In addition, for people under 18, both the doctor’s approval and the parent’s approval are necessary. For those over 70, the general health condition of the patient and the need for the operation are examined by the doctor. Since the treatment of weight-related diseases will also occur in gastric sleeve, the surgery should be performed under the supervision of specialist doctors in a fully-equipped hospital.

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